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November 15, 2011


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carol anne

I love the story so far. Keep going! So what if you don't finish in November. I like it.


I really love it too...I think you should keep going

Mrs. Wonder

Yeah, I've written about 2 days worth. Still more writing than I could have done alone, but I feel like a fat failure.
I think you should just keep going! Then next year, copy and paste during November and you can finish next year's challenge :0


Keep going...it can only get better! Use lots of short words.


I also really like my capcha letters: rhapyf (Are you happy? Fuck!)


Ever thought about writing in the first person? Personally, I feel like I connect better with books written from the character's POV. Just my two cents! Keep going, I would love to write a book someday too. I have about 5 pages written so far -- it's definitely harder then it seems!


You're not supposed to rewrite during Nano! LOL

But seriously, I've only written a little over 1,000 words, too. Sometimes I long for the days before I discovered Twitter - and started using "I'll just check Twitter and then I'll write..." as an excuse.

Katy (@mamapoodle)

So, I'm reading this, getting into the scene, the mystery and the suspense when suddenly: BAM, BAM, BAM! My landlord pounded on my door for the rent. I'm still shaking! Great job, keep it going. You don't need NaNoWriMo to write a book, it's just a spring board.


All I can say is "keep going," but, um, I'm afraid I've kind of dropped out as well...stupid life, getting in the way of novel writing.

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