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November 21, 2011


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Dana K

LOL I talk about poop a lot more online than I do in real life but I talk about gross sexual practices (thank you Urban Dictionary) WAY more in real life.

Oh, next time at a live wine party, just take a book. That way you look refined.

Mrs. MidAtlantic

I am often better received at parties when I leave my bra at home. I found this to be especially true in college.

Original mama k

The more yup drink the better the party seems...


I've often wondered, if we had a #wineparty tweetup, if I'd be able to pick you out right away because you were the one person who I didn't already know by sight who was going about pants-free & braless.

It's funny to put real life aspects onto a "I only know you online" persona, though, because I really have a hard time picturing you being even the slightest bit awkward in most any circumstance. Obviously, this is just a ludicrous assumption to make about someone . . . but, I think we're all guilty of our ludicrous assumptions from time to time.


I'm much more social online than I am offline. I definitely think it's that "you can go silent for a bit" factor as well as being able to fully craft a response better (type, re-type, delete and then type again) and not having to worry about my looks. When I'm in a group of people I don't know, I feel like I'm reverting back to high-school me and have to fight the urge to find a quiet corner to hide in.

The odd truth, though, is that my online persona is much closer to the real me than my offline persona. I feel freer to "talk" about things online than I do offline.


I am totally with you!!! I can write it (though I don't) and I can chat it but I sure as hell can;t face it :) As always you make me laugh. Have an excellent day!

Myself Better

I do ok unless the people I am drinking with are significantly younger than I am. I've officially stopped being fluent in "cool" slang. Your trife friend just planked? WTF does that mean? I looked it up. I know now. But in the moment I just smile and nod.


Well, that's an easy fix!! :-)


I think you rock!!!

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