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October 26, 2011


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Yes. Yes it is.

The Redneck Princess

It is very beautiful, and who you calling fucker? :)

Her from @6degreeslove

I do this exact same thing.

We have broken leaves on the TV.

Husks from Magnolia's in a bowl on the bookcase.

And mud on the carpet.

Okay, the mud isn't on purpose. Let's play pretend though, mkay?


It is very beautiful...so you are not a leaf peeper???


That is very pretty you fucker. :)


Love the colors but wish it didn't come at the price of sacrificing warm weather, shorts and sandals. Why can't they just change and then change back without falling? Why does it have to get cold, oh why why why why WHY! The cold is the real fucker here.


I do like the changing colors of leaves; sadly, I have not been a fucker in longer than I care to think about. *sigh*


Taking photos of the beautiful colored leaves is one of only two good things about fall. The other is stepping on the leaves. For some reason, hearing them crunch underfoot has always made me happy even as a kid. (I'm teaching my kids the fine art of leaf-crunching and they're loving it too.)

Other than that, it's just a reminder that summer is over and winter's on its way. We're scheduled to get our first snowfall tomorrow night. Who wants to move to Orlando with me?


I miss seeing the leaves change because it meant we were headed for a different season. After 8 years in Northern Cali where there are two seasons, hot and wet, and everything goes from green to brown, I'd take a little leaf falling.

carol anne

I love the fall, I love the break from the soul crushing humidity of a NJ summer, I love the pretty leaves on and off the trees, I love the crisp cool evenings and I absolutely loathe winter. I vote we abolish winter and stick with spring, early summer, and fall. I could do without August and most of January and February.


I'm a fucker!!!! I'm a fucker!!! I love the fall!! I can drink lots of warm, loaded drinks and cuddle under the covers and sleep more.... Oh yeah, and the color of the leaves are amazing too!!! That may or may not have something to do with the warm drinks, heehee!! But really, I love the colors of fall and the crisp, cold days!!! I love the leaf pic!!!


I can just imagine that things get horrible for you around this time of year, because not only do you have the regular old fuckers who fuck with your commute, but now you get us "southerners" clogging the roads on the weekends, marveling about how pretty everything is.

Give me hot mulled cider & a warm blanket around me . . . but leave the damn leaves out of my fall wonderland.

Kim Pugliano

It is pretty but more importantly, can I see a picture of the desk? I'm totally intrigued by the green. I for one am definitely NOT a fucker (unless you are referencing my actions with my husband in which case sometimes I am a pretty damned good fucker, like on the couch...but I digress) because I'm from California and everything here is still green and it pretty much will stay that way until it turns brown and falls off. The end.


That isn't my desk, it's a folder.

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