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October 03, 2011


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You sound like you've got a lovely family. Thanks for the laugh.


Funny, funny list. Thanks for the laugh.

john donohoe

well done KIT sounds like you got a perfectly normal family unit on the go there.You will grow old pleasently with kids like that to cheer you up along the way.Cant beat family love and security .Everything else just so unimportant and any windfalls just a bonus.Forge ahead mommy nad if you get stuck well just look at their little faces youll find theres tons of fuel in the tank to get you through.love to you and yours alwaysx


I'd laugh at the "lame" comment, but my kids seems to have been afflicted by the "lame virus." My eight year old will roll his eyes and say "LaaaAAAaaaame" (complete with sing-song teenager tone) at things he doesn't like doing. Then, his 4 year old brother will repeat him. (Thus "lame virus" as it seems to spread like one.) They're too young to act like teenagers!

As for the bat, we had bats in my office a month or so ago. They kept finding their way in through an unnoticed (by us) hole. Of course, they would fly right by my office. Luckily, most times they would come in early in the morning and be removed by my co-workers before I got in. One morning, though, I was sitting in my office with the door open when something flew by it. Just as I thought "a bird got in", I realized it was a bat. Luckily, I managed to open a door and it went right outside.

My first priority was closing my office door so it didn't detour through my office though. I know some people say bird poop is supposed to be lucky but I didn't want to test whether that applied for bat poop too!


This made me laugh out loud! Your kids sound hilarious.

Was that the pillow you were working on at #wineparty this past Friday?

Jamie (@chosenchaos)

I was in the car for about 10 hours today driving home for a family vaca. And THIS made it better for the few minutes I was reading it. Later in the drive I read it to my husband and it worked again!


I think #8 was the best..but they're all funny/awesome! thanks for the late night giggles ;)


This line is so true, "Sometimes it's more important to live life than to write about it." My 4.5 year old is obsessed about Halloween as well. He in fact speaks of it year round. We haven't taken him to Spirit yet, but he's dying to go.

Your stories were so funny, glad you recalled them all.


why did your ankle not hurting make you laugh?? isn't that a good, non laughy thing?? and screw bats.. Id MOVE :D

Chunky Mama

#5 and #9 had me really belly laughing, and the baby in my lap was so thrilled by it that she gave me a big slobbery smooch!
So, thanks! :)


Laughter - the world's best medicine. lucky you to have such hilarious kids. Then again - mine are pretty entertaining, when they're not batting me about the head with vtech gadgets.


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