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October 24, 2011


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When I find M&Ms I stand incorrectly -- leaning over them and shoveling them into my mouth gives me a Quasimoto hunchback.

Also your 8yo's diction reminds me a little of Manny on Modern Family.


ha...did the joke on a co-worker..almost peed by pants


These were wonderful!"I stand correctly!" is precious.
So is Sic Semper Tyrannus--how cool is that?


I knew the Sic Sempter Tyrannus, but I have a thing for assassinations (and serial killers, but I'm really weird). How does a pre-teen know that, though? I'm crediting a very, very good teacher.

I'm going to incorporate "I stand correctly" into my regular speech.

There are few things that beat tickling a toddler who loves to be tickled.

Kim Pugliano

Fuck you.
I said stop.

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