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October 31, 2011


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Awesome. That last bit sounds like a conversation my husband and I would have. I used the find my iPhone app about a year ago to find my iPhone after using my iPhone to distract my toddler while I tried on dresses for a wedding at the local mall. Apparently when he was done with it, he did what everyone does when they are done with their iPhone. Tossed it. Keeping track of the hubs is a much more fun use!


FYI, There's a free app called "Find My Friends" that uses iCloud to locate people (like husbands and boyfriends...) from the comfort of your own iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch) here's the link if you're interested: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/find-my-friends/id466122094?mt=8


I find this app vaguely disturbing... yet convenient in case I get kidnapped.


For someone who's as "techy" as me, I'm practically a luddite when it comes to my cell phone. We just got the texting plan 2 years ago. We don't have a data plan, though, and don't have smart phones. We use our phones to text, make calls, take photos and that's about it. It's not that I don't *want* a smart phone. It's just that we can't afford paying $30 a month per phone in data fees. Maybe if they bring the price down, we'll get smart phones. (More likely, though, they'll just push us onto smart phones by simply requiring them.)


Actually, it can help you find it inside your house. Once you've used iCloud to locate the phone, click on the green dot that indicates where it is. Click on the "i" then click "Play sound or send message." Your phone will make a rather horrid noise, even if it's on vibrate.

Jessie Powell

Oh GOD I love that!!! He had surely earned his brewski!!!

Kim Pugliano

Hahahaha!! I WANT ONE I WANT ONE!!!!

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