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October 27, 2011


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Kit, I recently started following your blog and I love it! Your kids sound like they must keep you on your toes. This post had me laughing, as my own father sounds very similar to your husband. Thanks for the smiles and the "tips." I'll keep reading for sure.

Her from @6degreeslove

LOL, omg that is something that would happen to us. Crap.

The other day our 8 year old said "I hate Democrats".



Quite an astute 4yo I would say!


Interesting view on politics;)


Oh..that IS funny!!


Oh.... I just love your blog.... Even more now ;)




Gotta teach that hate early . . . .

Joe G

Soooooo funny! But so very perceptive of the 4yo.


I love the way a kid's mind works - when is "sending apple scraps" mean?


wow, kinda not sad you think teaching your kids hate is funny.. unfollow :p


Sigh...this is not teaching hate. I think our president has thick enough skin to handle good-natured ribbing by a 4 year old child.



Sounds to me kind of like you're teaching your kids emotional, reactionary ways of responding to politics. Pretty unreasonable and misleading too. I really love your posts about relationships with your kids and husbands, but I'm not a huge fan of when you inject your personal politics in to them. I hesitate to post things like this, because it's your blog and you can post whatever you'd like, but it seems ugly compared to the rest of your posts and it's beginning to give me second thoughts about visiting because they seem to be getting more frequent.
There, rant over! Sorry, I just had to say it!

Betty Fokker

I'm a flaming tree-hugging crystal-sucking liberal. I'm sure my kids have picked up on my political opinions too. God alone knows what THEY will think when they grow up. Your blog is funny as hell. I'm still reading it and I give not even a microscopic shit about your politics. I also don't burn albums or books if they are done by someone who disagrees with my opinions.

Of course, if we were having coffee or whatnot I'd have to tell you why you were wrong ... :)

Bill Sullivan

Do what you do...just the way you want to do it. I'm sure some people disagreed with Thoreau and refused to read him too. Their loss!


Kit, do you have more than one husband? Just wondering if the poster above knows something I don't. ;-) Clearly, your politics will be the end of civilization. Polygamist. :-)

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