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October 29, 2011


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Dan G


There was nothing wrong with your post. Some people who felt a kinship with you abruptly discovered your values include elements which their world view can only classify as evil.

You didn't start an anonymous blog to worry about those so easily offended. Please don't intentionally or unintentionally start to filter out the flavor.


I follow your blog via Google Reader, so never get to see the comments. This post made me go back and look at that "political" entry, and, sorry, but it burned my biscuits.

That's the thing, nowadays. You're a hater if you don't toe Dear Leader's line. That four-year-old of your is going to be a caution in a New England elementary school. :)

And as to the jerks who felt it necessary to get the vapors over that post? Well, I say ....

Drat! I'm a good Methodist, and I can't say it. But I wish I could tell them where they go to dine on bovine effluva!!


Oh, Kit. Politics suck... sorry that you were hurt. xo.

Mildred Ratched

This is my first time here and with that said, I didn't go back and read the post you referred to here. I think since this is your blog and your life you are entitled to post whatever you want to post and teach your children in a manner that you feel is best for them. One thing I always say when I get into something a little on the controversial side on my blog is that opinions vary. I don't expect anyone to agree with me and I always try to respect anyone for having a different point of view than mine. I just wish there were less narrow-minded people out there and as sad as this may be usually the people who accuse someone of being a hater are guilty of slinging projections around.


I think people are just overly sensitive. Our political leaders have to be criticized so that we can live in a free country. If not, then we live in a dictatorship and who would want that?

Second, I am a die hard Democrat that lives in a very Republican state, also known as Wyoming. And I happen to think your four year old is super funny and I wasn't offended at all. But that's the thing isn't it? Why would I be offended by a four year old? Or by remarks that are meant for a person I don't actually know?

carol anne

Wow. I don't know what to say. I love politics. I love political debate. I'm a Democrat who has voted for candidates from both parties.

All that said, I will never understand why so many in the world feel that others must agree with them at all times. I actually enjoy chatting with people of differing views. What an unbearably boring world I'd live in if I only associated with those who agree with me.

For what it's worth I voted for President Obama and am disappointed in his performance. I also don't see any Republicans in the race for 2012 that appeal to me either so for now I'm a voter without a candidate.

Keep writing about your truth. Not everyone needs you to have the same views as they do.

Brilliant Sulk

People are too sensitive when it comes to...everything.

I've taught my kids lots of things that I'm sure most people would disagree with. Example: God is a lanky, toothless German Shepherd named Rod, and when it rains it means Rod is...well, you know what Rod is doing.

Kim Pugliano

I love you.

The end.

Jessie Powell

I confess - I didn't like Thursday's post. But I did see the humor, and I didn't think you were a hater. My reasoning was more that our government is so polarized right now that my heart sinks a little bit every time I see evidence that the polarization is carrying to the next generation of kids.

For all the things I'm passionate about, politics isn't one of them. I'm more of a "peace, love, and it's OK if we're all a little bitchy" kind of soul. Liberal? As hell. But not to the point that I'd ever think somebody else sharing their own politics with their kid was hating.

People forget that the thing that really makes this nation work where others have failed is multiplicity of perspectives. The US is successful because we don't just agree to disagree. We agree to fight without drawing blood (Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr aside). And we don't censor our political opinions. So all in all, a four year old wanting to make an apple-peel pie for the nation's leader is a hell of a lot better than one who understands the concept of death and wants him to die.

But it still makes me sad.


On the Table - hear, hear!!


I had a big long rebuttal written in my head about why those who criticized you bothered me, but I'll just keep it simple and thank you for putting your life and stories out there for our enjoyment. Anyone who reads this blog knows what dedicated parents you and your husband are, and I'm sorry people felt the need to criticize your parenting.

Mrs. Smith

I read the post and thought it was funny. Nothing more, nothing less. Actually, from the way you told it, I wasn't sure what your stance on politics was. You said that your daughter spends her days with your very conservative husband. I actually wondered for a moment if you were a politically split-household, but only for a moment because I was more concerned with, well, lots of other things that are more important. I was in it for the laughs. The story was about your daughter's funny idea of a fake pie, not politics. People need to get a grip.


I thought it was funny and when your kids get older they make their own decisions. Whats the point of having kids if not for your own amusement every so often.Love you KIT!


I think I might have the sense of humor of a four year old because I thought that was hilarious.


Nothing wrong with a talking a little smack. It's been going on since before 1776. What a country!


Hey, I thought it was funny. I liked George Bush (senior) when I was a kid because I liked his name. Then I discovered Clinton's hair and decided I liked him better. Boy was my family upset about that one!

My husband is a libertarian too, and though I'm usually pretty apolitical, I think I'm going to vote for Ron Paul this time around. But even if I liked Obama, I still wouldn't care if your four-year-old talked a little smack about him. She's four. And he's the president ... you kinda set yourself up for some people not liking you when you take on that job.


Yeah, and blogging. ;)


Hey, Kit!

I've been reading you for a while but I've never commented. I thought the "Politics" post was hilarious. I'm sorry some of the readers were so rude.

Just wanted to show you a little love :)


You know, if "being a Libertarian" didn't come with anti-gun-control beliefs, I'd consider myself one, too. Basically, I'm a believer that, if government doesn't absolutely need to be there - it shouldn't be. The thing is, when it comes to someone possibly shooting me, I think government needs to be there . . . and this seems to be in drastic contradiction to the libertarian party line.


I read your blog every day and have chatted once via email with you about some relationship issues. I think you and your family sound like smart, loving, good people. I agree with everyone that posted before me. People are WAY TOO sensitive and uptight these days. I love your blog, Kit.

Julie F.

I loved Thursday's post! Sounds like you and you're husband are raising smart kids!


Wow, two of the four blogs I read daily got knocked around in the comments last week. So sorry for the both of you. I thought the story was funny, I didn't sense hatred at all.

Christina McPants

Jessie basically summed up all of my feelings about the situation, so I'll just say... what she said.

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