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October 21, 2011


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Get a fake owl. They sell them at the hardware store. You have to move it every few days, but it actually works.


LOL...the woodpecker crossed the wrong person...


I'm sorry for both the hole in your house and the lack of O. 'Peckers can be gorgeous right up until they become annoying.

Bruehaha Bandit

A BB gun is much easier hit him with...just sayin'


I love the blog... but hate that you are talking about killing a poor animal! Are you serious!??!

Doug Stephens

The pecker drilled a three inch hole? Impressive.

The Redneck Princess

I would kill the bastard just for wrecking the Orgasm myself...I have one smashing away at my house right now too, the woodpecker I mean, and I have aluminum siding, I am gonna guess they aren't all that smart. Good luck with your hunting :)

carol anne

Please don't kill the bird. Scare it off but please don't kill it.


I'm such an adolescent... just trying to write the word pecker makes me giggle! I've heard that setting up a sprinkler to spray on the house where they are can deter them and that they also don't like shiny things. Ummmm... Don't think that you should harm the pecker (teehee), though, cause I'm pretty sure that's a federal offense... Only in a traditionally patriarchal society would there be federal laws protecting peckers (hee! I said it again)!


I would take that bird to court! Did u get his information?lol;)


You know, I'm not sure I'd beg you to spare the pecker's life . . . if it's a matter of a bird and my home, I'm choosing the home, every time.

If you do find out how to remove a woodpecker humanely, can you post?


A whole other meaning to woody woodpecker, love it!

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