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October 14, 2011


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I like that one. That is sort of along the same lines as, "Are you a DOER or a DREAMER?" I am a dreamer unfortunately, I spend a lot of time dreaming up things I would like to do or wish I was in life, but I rarely ever even start to "do" them let alone finish them...whatever they may be.

My father reminded me a long time ago of a good quote from a cheesy movie called "Three Kings" where Cuba Gooding Jr. says "you never have the courage to do something you are afraid of until after you have done it". Sort of the same concept.

Chibi Jeebs

Oh, I adore this! Because if your exhausted 6-year old precious girl CAN, I CAN, right? Awesome post. :)


that SO describes me and my first grader. I am going to try that line on him.

awesome post.


excellent advice! I too am the mom of a 1st grader......you completely described what we go through as well! THANK YOU!


I CAN use this exact same technique on my 5 yr old non-reader.



What a wonderful story! I'm going to use that on my grandson...he has trouble believing he CAN.


I am totally using this with my oldest. He gets this mix of anxiety and perfectionism that convinces him that he can't do a task. He'll complain for an hour that he CAN'T do something, finally relent, complete it in 3 minutes and declare "That was EASY!"

I've told him to *NEVER* say that he can't do something. He's a very intelligent kid and can figure out anything he puts his mind to.


Great Post!


Brilliant lesson to learn so early.


This is one of the best "inspirational phrases" I've read in a while. I need to write it out on a post-it and stick it on the mirror to remind myself of it daily!


I recently re-became a CAN after some yucky health crap, and it was the smartest choice I ever made!


Thank you for this! After I read this, I mentioned that phrase to my son and it's really stuck. So much so that the other day when he asked me to come see something on TV and I told him "I can't right now", he said "If you think you can, you CAN!" :)


Liz, I love this! This is how you know they take it to heart!

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