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September 08, 2011


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Heather @ Side of Sneakers

I choose any coast that has water warm enough to swim in and sun that's not to hot to actually be outside in. ;)


Grew up east but honestly as long as there is a beach, any coast will do, especially in those last lingering days of summer! As much as I loved living in Denver my roommates from Kansas never quite got why I missed the ocean and why 'there's a lake near-by' just didn't quite cut it!


I live on the east coast too! My hubby and I were in myrtle beach last week and it was beautiful! The water was so warm.

Sian Robertson

East for sure. Closer to UK.

Deacon Blue

Well, there's always Chicago, too. Lake Michigan might as well be an ocean. There are beaches and you can't see the other side of it.


I always wanted to live on the West Coast...


Totally agree w/Deacon Blue. I live on the north side of Lake Ontario. Plenty of sand beaches, not salty, and you can't see the other side. Of course, I could do without the freezing over of the coastlines in winter, but I guess you can't have it ALL. :)


I haven't spent nearly enough time on the east coast but I am from Michigan, so I gotta say the Great Lakes makes the best coast :)


We have chosen: West, all the way!


I'm very much a West Coast girl.


I spent 10ish years on the east coast, but always vacation on the West Coast. I love them both and ITA a lake just doesn't cut it. :)


The West of course!! If you have ever driven the Pacific coastline you will know exactly what I mean! It's amazing from top to bottom! Nothing like it.... Ahhhh!


West is best! Pacific Coast Highway all the way.

Lyssie @ intoadulthood.com

I would cry if I didn't live on the lovely California coast. The beaches, the dramatic cliffs, the cute boys, the fabulously perfect weather...

But you know, I've got to say, there's something about the East Coast that's just so.. different. And I like that. Maybe someday...

Besides, I could live without all of this damn health food.


The coast of Maine is worthy of a lifetime of exploration. The west coast is just beautiful. May I have both?

Susan, Super Earthling

Grew up in Chicago and loved being close to Lake Michigan but got tired of freezing my butt off each winter & dealing with summer heat & humidity.

My sister moved to Florida for a while. Pretty there but, WHOA! way too damn humid for me.

We moved to the Pacific Northwest (Oregon) 10 years ago and are just an hour away from the coast, so we go often. Very low humidity, cool breezes & gorgeous sun (when it's not raining LOL). Ahhhh yes, this, THIS, is where I was truly meant to be all along! :D

Kim @ CoffeePotChronicles

I'm a California girl born and raised. Give me the West coast any day.


East Coast. Give me OBX! The Pacific is too cold to enjoy the waves but the Atlantic (especially in OBX) gets warm enough that a toddler won't get hypothermia. We've vacationed at OBX for the last 3 years and we live in a part of Virginia where we see the Blue Ridge every time we go into town. The mountains are literally about a 20 minute drive from my house and OBX is only about 6 hours away... The Virginia beaches are only about 1 1/2 to 3 hours away if I wanted to go there.

I've LIVED in the middle and enjoy lakes just as much as I enjoy the beach (first of all ... no JELLIES or SHARKS). I actually spent the first 11 years of my life living in the middle and most of our family vacations growing up were going to a lake in Minnesota - my dad lives on a lake in Virginia now. Vacation time meant being in the water - swimming, fishing, water skiing, canoeing, boating, skinny dipping ... my family are just water people.

But ... I don't know if I could live on the West Coast because I enjoy being in the water so much.

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