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September 01, 2011


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Betty Fokker

It's important to remember that several talking heads have snarked that the hurricane was just hype ... your power is not REALLY off. You just think it is off because you have been brainwashed by The Weather Channel. Also, the flooding in Vermont doesn't count.


I hope your power comes back on soon. We were lucky and didn't get any damage, but Irene forced us to cancel a planned 10th anniversary trip to Disney. A no-kids trip! (My parents were going to watch the kids.) As I'm typing this, I should be enjoying time alone with my wife in the Magic Kingdom. Instead, I'm in my office doing work. Yes, I'm just a little bitter.

Mrs. MidAtlantic

We went 60+ hours without power, thank you Irene. But thank everything for city water and a gas water heater! We took nice, hot showers the whole outage.

Jane M

I feel guilty writing that we got our power back yesterday and we have clean drinking water to boot! Also during the power outage we had HOT WATER so we could shower in the dark! My hair was a frizzy mess, but at least I was clean! Which is more than I can say for the next 2 towns over which have no power and no water ... WTF!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh dear lord. I would be toast.

Growing up in California obviously hasn't prepared my for life anywhere BUT California. Things like this don't happen here. I wouldn't know what to do with myself without power for more than three hours. I have the attention span of a gnat.
Pretty sure my state is brainwashing me to get me to stay.

Good luck. Protect your devices' charges with your life.

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