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September 28, 2011


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One day we were on a line to get some ice cream when I felt what I thought was a bug on my neck. I swatted at it and.... you guessed it, bird poop! I certainly didn't feel lucky. (And my wife laughing at my misfortune didn't help either.)

Domesticated Gal

They say bad things come in threes...so if the bird is the third thing to shit all over you that day? Consider yourself lucky!


How cool would it be if you DID discover your car actually HAD won a new tranmission?!

Kim Pugliano

...and then there are those a-wholes who say, "You make your own luck."


It is supposed to be lucky?! It is so very NOT lucky. My life is a mess and I have the only car in the neighbourhood that gets bombed with bird shit regularly.

The birds have it in for me, man!



Where's my luck?


There's a story in my family about the day my Grandfather, a bleacher salesman, got pooped on by a bird during a sales meeting. He made the sale, and my Grandmother insisted he wear hats in the future.


I've actually gotten the "overpaid" call from the mortgage company - apparently, there was an error in the escrow calculations, and I got a check back for a few hundred dollars. When I needed it.

It's rare, but stuff like that does happen. Sometimes.


uhm... eew?? i see no luck in excrement. nope.


It rained on my wedding day too and I was told it's lucky. I told them (whoever told me) that I think years ago some bridezilla was upset that it was raining so in an effort to calm her they came up with luck and it worked ... and so it remanis!

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