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September 16, 2011


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It's been added to my weekend must do list on the tablet. :)


Just had the same problem around here. I couldn't remember the last time, and neither could he. I even asked him if he was having an affair because he was acting all broken-like. Like he didn't even want it.

Then..... one fateful morning, 3 days ago. His truck broke down and he had to spend the day at home fixing it. All 4 kids were in school all day. Which meant it was just me and him. He didn't start fixing it until 1 pm because we were, um, busy.

Miss Melisa Mae

Done and done! Thx!

wasn't serious

Had the same problem this past weekend; timing was off. So last night, meet him (not at the door b/c you know neighbors) in the kitchen with a glass of gin & sprite and me wearing one of the sexy nighties. Didn't get dinner, but that was ok.


Somehow this summer we got so busy I'm a little fuzzy on what my husband looks like naked. As you said...unacceptable. *sigh*


Yeah... if I recall the last time we had it was pretty boring, perfunctory, and largely unfulfilling.

Should probably remedy that and make a better memory.

Mrs. Bridges

Thanks...needed that smack in the face. It's been well over two weeks here too, and as you said, that's unacceptable. It's definitely worth squeezing in--or skipping dinner for...


actually .. it was just last night.. and i've a feeling, since we both managed showers today, lol, we'll have another round tonight.

Sometimes as a SAHM, getting a shower in, just doesn't work every day.


It's been over two weeks here too. I'd love to change that this weekend, but the dude's at a "sausage fest" racing campout this weekend and of course he'll be wayyy to exhausted to do anything about it on Sunday. I'm totally shooting for Monday though! **Le Sigh**

Robyn - Project Confession

My problem is not lack of time, but lack of opportunity.
Lack of opportunity translates as: There is no penis to be found.

But as you have demanded that it be done, and I'm unwilling to jump on the first man to come my way, I think I'll have an evening in with myself, adult materials and my imagination.
If anyone asks, you made me do it.


Can (and will) do! Thanks ;)

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