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September 22, 2011


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I tried to log into Amazon for something the other day, only to be told my password was wrong. When I tried to reset the account, they said I needed to give them the last few digits of my credit card that I had purchased with, so that I could verify why I was. Only, I've never bought a thing from Amazon, because of the postage. I was peeved.

I shall click the link, but only because I like you :-)


Well, maybe slightly dirty capitalist, but overall, generous!


Not a bad idea and not bad timing either. A friend and co-worker is the preggers and is thinking about her registry. I'll redirect her here and hopefully you, her and Toys for Tots will all win in this fun captitalist game.


A tata rescue initiative...I love it!


Would you consider donating at least some of the money to an organization other than Toys for Tots? What they do is great but (at least in some areas) they won't give toys to the kids of undocumented immigrants. Whatever anyone's personal opinions on immigration are I think we can all agree that telling a 5 year old that she can't have a doll because her mommy or daddy doesn't have a Visa is a pretty crappy thing to do.


What's wrong with your tata's? You've never mentioned that your husband or you do not like them???

I think this is a great way to raise money. I might have to follow your lead and have a Tata Fund Party at my house to raise money for me to get new ones as well...I'll strap a stuffed bra on a big glass jar and provide appetizers and booze in exchange for tips in the tata jar.


P.S. Don't forget to make your Amazon links open up in a new window, so that you don't loose your viewer to another site/page :)


It would only be fair if you posted a picture of what we help you purchase.

Whitney Soup

I would love to reward my boyfriend for all the nights he's gone to bed alone while I've stayed up reading your blog for you.


Of course I will! Toys for Tits, I mean Tots is a VERY worthwhile cause, and one of my fav's! Besides you do so very much for us, I feel it's the least I can do for you and the hubby! Good luck and thanks for helping the kids too! Seriously, it's very cool!!!


Ok, Toys for Tits might be the best name EVER!


Fab tip! You are a rockstar and I am STILL such a beginner!


My tatas are FINE - as long as they are being lovingly cupped by a VERY expensive shaping, lifting and all around cloaking device. Breastfeeding 4 children has left them round and full but not necessarily at the ALTITUDE that I would like them at.


I will look into this and yes, I would consider other organizations. I need to find another organization in Canada because Toys for Tots doesn't exist there.
Thanks for suggesting it.

Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity

I think you need to use SkimLinks (http://go.skimlinks.com/?id=20541x781770&xs=1&url=http://skimlinks.com)for">http://skimlinks.com)for">http://go.skimlinks.com/?id=20541x781770&xs=1&url=http://skimlinks.com)for Amazon -- they pay better. They have 17000 big name merchants you can use AND they have a nifty plugin that will rewrite all of your previous Amazon links for you.

Since our idiot governor signed a bill for internet tax that caused Amazon to close it's affiliate program here in CA, I had to find another way. And I did. I think your state is considering a Nexus tax as well.


Maybe it's just me, but the link that you have at the top doesn't work.


I think it's a worthwhile cause, but what's in it for us? I think a post surgery picture deal (of the ta-tas only of course) needs to be thrown into the mix so its a win-win-win situation!


I'm with Angie, that link isn't working for me either...and I buy a LOT of shit from amazon. I could get you at least one ta-ta.


Wait! Everyone here is missing the point.

What do you mean by "probably"?


Wish I had thought of it.

Laura Page

SUCH a fab idea!! I'm going to make a point to come here before shopping at Amazon!

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