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September 02, 2011


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christa pepin

yes its been a crazy week without the power, we didnt have it for like 3 days and it was hard to not have even the simple things like hot water. glad you had the beach to retreat too and your going back to take time for you and your family to relax. is the beach far from where you are? thanks for being amazing!


Well I can't speak for not having power, it has been a crazy week. I love the "He's smart like that" comment. Cracks me up. Love your blog.


Oh man. Sounds like a nice end to the insane week though. And yes. Wringing the last bit of summer out of the next few days here too. See you tonight at #wineparty!


Sooo happy you have power once again. That is my definition of hell, no power and the kiddo do not mix well. Take it easy and hold onto summer for me too, woke up this morning to fog and 39 degrees.


Thank YOU for being so dedicated to posting during such a challenging week!

Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity

I'm glad you weren't swept away by Irene and that you got power back. It must have been exhausting dealing with that! But thank God the Diet Coke was cold and available at your beach house. LOL


I don't live in a city at all, but the two closest towns here are also college towns, and even oral sex wouldn't convince me to brave those messes during the last week of August.

new homes

I agree. Power interruptions can be very frustrating especially when you have work to do.

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