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September 21, 2011


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OH NO!!! I am an oldest child of three - brother and sister, also. I am SOOO glad I didn't have anyone ahead of me. And I am thankful that we moved before my siblings started school...otherwise that whole "you are an extension of me" thing would have really brought me down as they are total and complete mental, no polar, no GLOBAL opposites from me!!! If we didn't look JUST LIKE OUR MOTHER I would swear they were aliens or test tube babies or adopted or something!!!


Whitney Soup

yup. boys and farting. and boys bringing out the farting in their sisters. life doesn't get any simpler


I'm the oldest and I often wished I had an older sister to help me along the way. I gave birth to a son first and I hope that some day my daughters will appreciate that. Right now he's just the big brother that picks on them.

Kim Pugliano

Ha! My mom had my sister and I and couldn't wait for us to have girls, and ended up with three grandsons instead. My son is her first and at the ultrasound she asked, "What am I going to do with a grandson? I don't know about boys!!" Little did she know the minute Noah and then my nephews subsequently popped out she'd be over and done with. They OWN her.

Anywhoooo, I have 2 older boy cousins and two younger ones, who grew up four blocks away, going to the same schools as we. We were at Aunt Sharon's house before and after school because she watched it. Raising a boy is nothin' for me. I can keep up with every burp, fart, poop and butt jiggle - just not in front of my prissy husband.


Hang on, I have two older brothers and I'm fairly certain that I never... oh, wait. Never mind.

Motherhood Truth

I have 2 boys and a daughter and she is famous for running around in her frilly pink dress and "farting" and "burping"...My only hope is that her brothers will protect her when she is older...PLEASE let that be the pay off..


I still maintain that older brothers are a big help to younger sisters. But, yeah, fart humor is funny.

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