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September 13, 2011


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Just smack him. You will feel better.


Yeah... sometimes you just don't want *such* an honest answer!

Truthful Mommy

perhaps, you should let him read my post about my "shark week" and then he could know how truly lucky he is that no sex is the only issue with you being "indisposed" LOL
Men, I swear they've all been dropped on their heads!


Typical! I hope you've been making him sweat as he backpedals for his life (and by "making him sweat" I mean not in the fun way - for him)!


Ha! Men never cease to amaze me with their lack of tact and filters...especially hubbies...mine once cooked dinner, lit candles, and turned on some tunes to surprise me when I get home from work then when he found out I was "a little tired" that evening he got up took a poop and went to bed...music still playing...sigh...they juat don't get it.


Nothing a swift right hook wouldn't solve ;)

Whitney Soup

do you like your hubbie? i can't tell from this post.. he seems funny though


I agree with the smacking. I think its well deserved. I might just smack my hubby in ur honor... lol

Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity

Men are so bloody stupid!

I say you cut him off for a week and flaunt Carmen's wonderful attributes.

THAT'LL teach him.


That really, really is a shame . . . there's really nothing better than an isolated walk along the beach . . . and the things that might lead to said walk at the end of the day.

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