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September 12, 2011


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Kevin Hollowell

This past Christmas my daughter gave me candid wallet photos of her and her two brothers. I hadn't had pictures of them to carry for years. I love having them with me!


THANK YOU for sharing this! I know several women who are pregnant and/or have babies ranging in ages from a few months to a year and a half. Time to do some shopping!

Angela Kunze

The best gift that I have ever received were crib sheets from pottery barn. Softest sheets ever and spoiled my son big time. He slept like a baby!

Kendra V.

So cheesy but my favorite gift is my engagement ring. My husband and I got engaged on Christmas day. My ring is perfect and exactly what I always wanted.


The best gift I've ever received would probably be my fancy digital camera. Have captured many great memories with it!


This is awesome - thanks for sharing! My husband's working on making wine... and all I know is that he had better not start test-tasting it until after the baby arrives! ;)

The best gift I've ever received would be my digital SLR from my husband. He knew I was pining for a better camera with which I could capture every moment of our ridiculous adventures (and sometimes misadventures)... and trust me, ever since receiving that puppy, I take full advantage of it!

Allison R

The best gift I've gotten would have to be a necklace from my husband. When we had only been dating a few months I admired thus necklace one day just in passing. Much to my surprise at Christmas that year I opened my present and it was the exact necklace I had admired earlier in the year. Not only had he managed to surprise me I couldn't believe that he remembered for months exactly what I wanted. Proof men do sometimes pay attention!


The best gift I've received is probably all the kitchenware I've gotten as Christmas gifts so I don't have to buy it myself! My kitchen is fully stocked with gifts - and GOOD ones at that!

Alison Knowlton

The best gift I ever received was this past Mother's Day, when I found out after struggling with loss and infertility that I was finally pregnant again - and this time it stuck! I'm due 1/17/12 and totally elated! :)


Hmmm... Such a hard one! I'd say the best gift I've ever received was my son, but that is pretty cheese-tastic... Oh well, it's true!


For my birthday, my husband gave me a simple silver ring to replace the wedding ring that no longer fit on my finger thanks to pregnancy. I cried. (Shocker.)

This is a great idea, love it!

Precious Momma

I got a purple monkey as a gift for Sophia (but let's face it...for me) when I was pregnant. I have gotten fancier gifts, more expensive gifts....but that gift was perfect FOR ME. It showed my {amazing} friend knew me so very well. And while I was crying and other's were looking all "WTF" like. I felt so special that someone would put so much thought into a gift like that for little old me.

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Such happy times indeed. Nothing like capturing these moments of life to preserve them in pictures.

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