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September 06, 2011


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haha.. that..was ..awesome! thanks for the morning laugh! mine was rude enough to wake me up at 5 am for a 5:30am quickie before HE went to work.. seriously.. inconsiderate! i had to be up an hour later with the kids..no sleep..*grumps*


I love that, so true and yet humorious.

Mrs. MidAtlantic

My husband is so exactly like this. Except, he doesn't hope to expect a BJ anymore. It's been years since he got one of those.

Angie Uncovered

How proud you must be! haha Hubby sounds like he handles the punching well. Have you considered he may be starting to associate punching with love? This could be a vicious circle.


I didn't realize you'd married me. I swear, Wifefish could have written this. :)


Last night is the closest I've come to strangling Husband. He'd taken a nap earlier in the day so in order to punish me, he decided to ignore "I'm not having sex tonight period" and poke and prod me. At one point, I was even getting a massage, which I foolishly hoped was coming out of the goodness of his heart, until I realized he was getting closer and closer to the danger zone. Needless to say, I am exhausted.


"I'm hungry. Is she still writing? Boobies! I'm hungry."


Man he just doesn't give up =)

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