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September 22, 2011


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I'm going to have to agree with her. I wouldn't play Charades with you on my team.

My son constantly tells me that I "just don't get him." He's 3, What's to get?


I have to agree with Tonya - as bad as I suck at Charades, you are, apparently, worse. We would not make a good team.


ahahaha we can play Charades together Kit.. I'll be your partner.. i'm just as bad... but i have the solution = I'll bring the wine :D


Your 4 yr old is too much...funny


I thought garages were for random assortments of random crap that's either broken or "we just need to find a place for it," and then years and years pass.


I love how they've "discussed" this before =)

I haven't been able to park either car in my two car garage since about May. Which is when the garage door broke and my husband decided instead of fixing it to use the garage as a storage vestibule of crap.

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