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August 30, 2011


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I'm sorry I missed your birthday, Kit, what with my head up my ass and all. But after having met you, it's obvious why so many loved ones came to celebrate your birthday.

I hope you fared well during Irene, and I look forward to Part I.


Argh! Part II. I mentioned having my head up my ass, didn't I?


How fantastic! Well, at least the part before the generator comes into play . . . ;)

Mrs. MidAtlantic

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Even Irene wanted to come to your party and have some cake!


That is awesome that your husband would do that for you...that is love!!


I was so happy to be a part of your Twitter birthday wineparty. I had so much fun. Lots of people wanting your attention. I missed the #twitterjail though. sounds like more fun!


Domesticated Gal

You may have just induced me to rejoin twitter. If only to allow the universe to remind the Big Man when its my birthday. Or remind me when he forgets...


Believe you me - those are some deviously well-trained little imps - I came EXTREMELY close to giving in to all of the batting eyes and snuggly "pretty please" hugs! How is it that you've always managed to have such a nuclear arsenal of "convince A to do _____" weapons at your disposal? It's totally unfair. See you soon - with or without baked goods!


Sounds a like a perfect birthday, even with the hurricane -- because, while hurricanes suck, being with family & loved ones is the best way to ride one out.

I'd have been powerless against the eyelash-batting, methinks.

Valentina@baby quilts

I almost slapped myself on the head for forgetting your birthday but then remembered that I did congratulate you, only a day in advance - just for this reason, that I might forget :D

Now let me read Part 2!


Sounds like an amazing 40th even with the hurricane and all. Glad you had a great birthday!

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