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August 15, 2011


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Oh Dear. At least 7 is a trainable age. Now 23 on the other hand...


looking in my rear view, I could handle boys far better today than I did when I was the mum of young boys. Almost makes me want to go back. But not quite.


I've been having trouble with my boys and drying hands also. My younger one (4) thinks that the drying can be taken care of by the fan in the living room. (No, it's NOT a hand dryer like in public restrooms, JSL, get back in the bathroom and dry your hands!) My older one (8 on Wednesday) thinks that a quick touch of the towel is enough to dry his hands. (NHL, if your hands are dripping, you haven't dried them enough!)




I hate to tell you this, but it only gets worse as they get older...seriously.


my hubby is still guilty of this from time to time.. ugh


Yeah, I think all men are capable of ignoring the smells that they've unleashed on the world.

They're also completely incapable of noticing stains in the sink.


Did he remember to flush? Mine never do.

toni in florida

Kinda makes a lie out of "The first one to smell it must've dealt it", at least where boys are involved, doesn't it?

Valentina@baby quilts

A household with three men has a 'special' smell, besides the testosterone :D

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