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August 24, 2011


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Would that be Omaha Beach?


I love this story. I think the best part is the fact that you and your brother can be kids again WITH your kids. That is a gift to give them that will stay with them into adulthood—the image of you laughing, and screaming, and using all of your power to win in a water fight. It makes me regret the times recently when my kids asked me to go outside and play, and I was too busy . . . I'll remember this story so that next time, maybe I'll be the one to ask THEM to play with me.

Great post!


Love it! Sounds like a battle that will be talked about for years to come.


This is summer!!!! What a GREAT story! I loved it and am with the first commenter... just a beautiful way to share life with your kids, and be one as well.


It felt like I was there. I ALMOST wanted to get hit with a water balloon but more wanting to be the one launching one of them.


Happy sighs!! What a great time, and I so would have been in on the fun; because THAT? Is the way I want to go, as well... being pelted by small children with water balloons and water guns!

We used to live on a beach and I am missing it. Badly. I think I need to plan a vaca soon. Without any violet crabs, of course. *wink*

You're so fortunate to live so close to the house. We try to go back once a year; and best house we ever rented was built in the 1860's. I loved it; the husband...not so much. No internet, no heat, no A/C, and he lost number of times he smacked his head on the door frames. (Clearly, there weren't many 6' plus men back in the 1800's. Duh.


Beautiful. :)


You totally. should have called me for backup. Don't be fooled by my soft-spoken nature. I'm a natural born killer.


This is just awesome - and gives a greater smile when I think about the water balloon that you keep in your pocket to throw at the kids that your husband just "doesn't get."


Your family suonds awesome. This too is how I want to go down in my old age. In a blaze of water balloon glory.


Sounds awesome.
But 11 kids under 9?

Jenn @ Home is Where You Start From

loved this story, but specially the last sentence :)

Valentina@baby quilts

What a nice story; loved it and read it with a smile on my face. Happy times leave happy memories!


This is an amazingly awesome story! I too hope that I die laughing with my kids/grandkids attacking me in some outnumbered fashion!

Treasure these memories they are priceless!

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