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August 09, 2011


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Love this list. I noticed #3 and #8 myself!

Great to meet you!


You rock. Yes: #5, You're insane & can have mine (kids got for Xmas presents):#7 (HATE THE MONKEYS)


your post and monica's post have convinced me that i want to go next year... sign me up mama! :)


I WILL get my act together next year and go myself (NYC bound!) ... but if you want to take me along in your suitcase, that would be cool too. Just sayin'.

Sara @ Periwinkle Papillon

We didn't meet. And I'm sad about that. Like super sad. Might need therapy sad.




I loved going to BlogHer last year. Considering that next year it'll be in NYC again, my wife and I might just attend again. If you attend next year, we should definitely meet in person.

Oh, and I don't know about fish tacos, but I know where we can get awesome NYC pizza by the hotel it was in last year. No driving required.


You hit the nail in the head. I lost the sleep war too.

Jen S. (Mama Schell)

Next year miss kit...next year we will meet! I'm so bummed that I didn't go!


so great to meet you...and lose at thumb wrestling to you.

and yes, I also passed up the free diet pepsi and paid for a diet coke. duh.


All these recaps, all the discussion beforehand, all the pictures, every part of this is making me sorry I missed it. Maybe next year. Or another conference. Something. Somehow.


I'm so with you on 1 & 5! Except I did have to stop for some of those Artisan Tostidos... YUM!

Walkingborder (Karen)


The DEVIL! They seem awesome at first, but they aren't. Oh no they are not. You'll see.


Loved meeting you! I somehow missed the flying monkeys, am jealous of your PCH drive & am still trying to catch up on sleep.

Monica @ Monica Wants It

I love you.

That is all. <3


makes me wish I could have been there! I am going to try hard to make it next year.


I can't get past #5! I guess I drink enough Diet Pepsi for the both of us so it's okay. Sounds like a lot of fun!


Mmmmmm, fish tacos.

Sounds like a truly magnificent time was had. And, did it really take Blogher for you to know #1? I mean, I've known that women dress more carefully for women than men for a long, long time.

Oh, and it's wonderful to have you back.


Number 9 struck me hard Kit (being a procrastinator and all). I am so happy you have made this blog Kit. You are AMAZING.

though question- your anonymity got conflicted with going to BlogHer and seeing others, right? Now people know what you look like!

(well, you ARE blogging dangerously, so amen to that!)


I want to go just to people watch.

Jayme (Random Blogette)

I am so dying to go! With it being in NYC next year I am going to start saving my money now so that I can go. I also need to start buttering up the hubby so he won't freak out when I tell him that I am going! There are so many bloggy friends that I would love to meet.


SCREAMING. FLYING. MONKEYS... Best ever!! I have several on hand. They make awesome gifts!

Glad you had a great time!

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