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August 19, 2011


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LOVE the nod to "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights!" XD


Last weekend after dinner we were rounding the bases on the way home...haven't done that since we were 18. I had given our house key to the sitter so she could pick up our daughter's swim suit. There was NO way we were going to pick her up in this condition. I have always been good at picking locks so with a quick swipe of the credit card we were in...home run!


Awesome. So awesome. I think there may be some baseball this weekend here with my beloved Sox on the road. Thanks for the reminder!!

So jealous of your trip to Fenway. We go to many games each year but had to pull in the reigns and haven't been. Boo! The tour is awesome!! Make sure you carefully grab a rock of the gorgeous field. Just be careful!


I love you.

that is all.

is it bad that i'm leading a guy on simply because he can actually afford to take me to a red sox game and says he will soon? because that's how much i want to go.


This might be your best homework assignment yet.

Redneck Princess

I just love this whole post...

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