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August 26, 2011


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We turned it off half way through. Disappointing indeed.

Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity

My husband made me watch both Shawn of The Dead and Dawn of The Dead while I was pregnant.

I was not happy.

I was also not happy when, after getting my nightly break from the baby, I came home to find him watching one of those movies, the latter, I think, while holding the baby. She was transfixed. I was mortified and scared she would end up with some horrid psychological problem.

The jury's still out on my girl, but there is definitely something wrong with my husband.

PS: My friend who is very into dream interpretation says that whatever you dream, it means the opposite of what you saw. Using that logic, your marriage is rock solid. And I'm destined to be poor. Funny how it works well for you but makes my life a steaming, sucking cesspool, eh? LOL

Valentina@baby quilts

Found it boring too, good to know I'm not the only one. At least you had a 'happy ending' so in a way it paid off watching it to the end :D

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