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August 26, 2011


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Mrs. MidAtlantic

I hope Carmen is getting you something real nice in celebration of your 40th!
But seriously, it sounds like you have had an amazing year and an amazing decade. Be proud of your achievements!


Happy Birthday! I love this post. Great perspective on getting older. I keep trying to remind myself that the effort I have put into my family is what's most important. I need to do things for myself but it doesn't have to be an overnight thing. And you were very brave to leave your job. Mine is really stressful right now so I am jealous. But again, focus on what's important, not the petty job crap.

Hope to make it to the birthday #wineparty tonight!

Katie in Texas

Happy Birthday! I am exactly 5 days older than you! Good Luck in your next 10 years!


You're 29 right?


Happy Birthday. Loved reading this. Awesome stuff as always. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


You're going back to San Diego?! I'm jealous.

And happy early birthday!! I think that this coming year is going to rock the 40's face off.


happy happy birthday, young wonderful woman!
look at all you have around you. it's so right to do that.
i turned 45 a couple months ago and for the first time, a number really bothered me. boo.
but, what the hell, age is a state of mind.
enjoy 40!


Love this post! We're like twins separated at birth- I also turn 40 tomorrow! Hope you have a great celebration (and that hurricane irene doesn't make it to messy)

The Working Momaholic

Happy Birthday! I loved reading this post. Unexpectedly, made me tear up (*sniff*). I wish I was in a position where I could quit my job and be at home with my kids. Maybe by the time I'm 40, I will be. Hope your birthday is wonderful!!



Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to you! It is not that bad turning 40! I remember when it was my turn, I felt really shocked and upset when I got one of those cards reading: "Welcome to the second half of your life!" How dare they. On second thought: how many make it to the age of 80? In the end it is a question of how you spend your life and from following your blog, it is a pretty nice on!
Keep on rocking!


Happy Birthday! I really hope today and this year are amazing and bring you even more joy.


Happy Birthday! :)


Great BIG Happy Birthday to you! I turn 40 tomorrow, It has been a bit of an "Oh God I'm 40 where did the time go!" thing for me but they say life begins at 40 so hopefully they're right!


Happy Birthday, Kit (he says, well-after the fact). I hope the day was magical for you!


Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hopefully you weren't hit by Irene and are still celebrating! You will LOVE your 40's! They allow you to settle into your own self and just relax with who you are! It's not the greatest getting older, but it does have some advantages! So have a great time celebrating and hope all your wishes come true!!

the Super Sistah

It's hard to watch your body go up and down, in and out and your muscle tone make a run for the hills. Hair that once use to be jet black has hidden trails of grey. The laugh lines are now there even when you find nothing funny. Getting old sucks. Having said that, my mind is sharper and I'm smarter than the younger me (I'm not yet forty). Sometimes I look back at my young self and wonder how I survived walking around with all that stupidity. Don't make my complaints put a kybosh on the celebration. Happy belated birthday, I'm sure you're one of the lucky ones that improves with age.

the Super Sistah

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