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August 17, 2011


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Sounds like you need a getaway here.... http://www.sybaris.com/


Umm... which resort near Disney Orlando had mirrors on the ceiling? Just, you know... out of curiosity.


So here's what you do... Look around the hotels in your area and find one with a Jacuzzi tub! (Days Inn has them) Get your kids a sitter for the night, and go check in, and surprise your hubby with a night to remember! Even if you can't stay all night and you only stay for a few hours, it will be worth it for the lifelong memory!!! Who knows your "bread and butter" just may become a whole buffett from that point on! Good Luck!!

donna freakin' reed

Ahh. Hot tub sex it totally over rated. Go do it outside somewhere with the chance of getting caught like for instance a public park, your back yard, the picnic table at the local beach, or even the dressing rooms in your local farm supply store. Much more exciting and you can even stick with your fab five just with a twist.


I am laughing at this one. And relating to it in a very personal way. We have a hot tub big enough to do grandkid duty for three very active 6 year olds. And in between visits from them, it serves as foreplay for l'amour for us. And yes, it gets scrubbed between uses. THEIR uses. Because six year olds haul a lot of junk into the hot tub on their feet and hands.

I can recommend from various attempts (some successful) that: you can drown in two and a half feet of water having sex; underwater bj's are his dream, but ruin your makeup; never have sex with him on top and behind unless you like getting dunked like the witches of Salem. It is seriously damaging to the libido. Mine.

Hope these tips help. If you are still determined to try it, you are welcome to visit us. We have no kids living here, and a very private deck. With Christmas lights to add that magical glow to everything.



I suggest lube. Sometimes the chlorine content in the water can dry you out and cause painful friction.


Can't offer you a hot tub, but can share a little personal experience that may put you on the hunt for a new Moby Dick (hee hee):
1. Water sex is NOT fun - it dissolves all lubrication (natural or applied) faster than you can replace it and becomes uncomfortable quickly.
2. Hot tub / bathtub sex just becomes silly (like laugh out loud and spoil the mood silly) because repetitive motion of any kind produces waves. Two bodies involved in repetitive motion produces BIG waves (keep in mind if you're in a hotel room...).

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