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August 17, 2011


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OMGoodness! That is too funny! I might have to stab my ears if she does a review!


Well since I am the mom in Alabama.......I will be re-gifting it. Alena always said TMI when she would see certain things in our bedroom growing up. No sense of humor, that girl. I will send it to her for a special occasion so she can broaded her horizons. After all my son-in-law is the one that goes away more often. And since there is still fire in the stove in Alabama, why mess with something with Double A batteries. Such kids play!! :)


I think alenasmom might be hinting for something rechargeable. Or non-vibrating. ;)


I have sudden thoughts about the "electric ear clinger" scene from Parenthood.

And I'm right there with you - I'm all about people having fun and getting off, be it with battery-powered assistance or with each other, and talking about it. And this is true for all adults in my life, except my mother.


This is the most awesome post, ever.


I always miss the hot giveaways. Grrr


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