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August 25, 2011


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Lady Estrogen

That's awesome.
I love it when we lie about those things.


And they both lived happily ever after . . .

Coffee Lovin' Mom

You had me at coffee ice cream! I happen to have some of that caramel sauce in the fridge, don't tell my husband.


I'm glad you both got what you bargained for. That is, after all, what marriage is all about.


Brigham's coffee ice cream is amazing, and combined with caramel sauce (or butterscotch) it almost is orgasmic. This is why I could never leave New England...because they don't have Brigham's :)


I freaking love you, Kit.

I need to try caramel sauce on coffee ice cream . . . speaking of the latter, I'm making my own this weekend. What kind is the only question.


caramel syrup and a BJ. I Love it!


You and your DH are so dang cute. ♥

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