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July 28, 2011


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Mrs. MidAtlantic

The smell of the salty air permeated his nostrils - he needed to get out more often.


It was 8pm when his plain landed.

He grabed his luggage and hailed a taxi. Even though it was raining, Hard, he was still going to the beach.

As the taxi pulled up to the beach he got out and sat down in the rain just soaking it up.

What David didn't know was that Jules was only 50 feet away crying.


He kicked his trainers off, pulled off his socks, and sank his toes into the cool sand.


hmmm. not sure where to start from but the second poster seems to have broken the rule. so...

The warmth of the day still clung to the granules and warmed his feet as he looked out on to the ocean thinking of her.

Deacon Blue

Stepping out into rain and feeling cool sand, yet warmth of the day and heat beneath his feet?--David shook his head fiercely at the collision of contradictory thoughts and tried to sort reality from illusion.


Flaming red hair, bright blue eyes, smiling mouth -- the memories came rushing back, reminding him of their last meeting together, here on this beach.


And then he saw her.


He saw her tears and reached to wipe them away, only to have his hand stopped with her own.


Her face - that beautiful face, it was no more. Now covered in burns it looked up at him .....


She used to be hot,the burns,alcohol and time had done a number on her face eroding her once gorgeous features.


Controlling his initial instinct to flinch, he stared lovingly into the depths of her tearful eyes, willing her to see that he still thought she was beautiful.


She came to the beach with the scars of one man on her face and those of another on her heart.


Neither one of them spoke, for there were already too many words, and too many worlds, between them.

Old Gal

Then, slowly as he watched, she ran her fingertips across her face from her chin to her hairline, catching the edges of one scar with her nails and ripping off the liquid latex stage mask as she playfully shouted, "Gotcha!"


He could barely contain the inner swell of thick laughter as he pulled her close and whispered roughly in her ear, "I can't believe we pulled it off - where did you put the money?"

Miss Ellie

" I put it where we always get reacquainted" she said, smirking as her hand traveled lower...


But before she could grasp deeper, he stopped breathing.. his eyes were fixed on the emerging shadow..


It was of a woman... her silky black dress laced her curvy body, her face appearing like a faded mirage of Marilyn Monroe.. her toned stomach whispered traces of a devilish disguise.. and she...


stood there staring at them, with pure evil in her eyes. They would pay for what they had done to her.


Hearing a growling sound from behind her, her sexy, toned thighs parted and she strapped herself to a neon pink vibrator.. seeing the envy in their eyes she patted the tender, silky vibrator beneath her and said, "Okay Chica...


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say hello to my little friend".

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