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July 08, 2011


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Microwave popcorn. No question. Hands down. I've given up all of my other vices, but I will not be without my popcorn.


Not to be boring but since we are low-carbers, I get really excited about meat sales. Oh, and cheese, of course, but the cheeses I like rarely go on sale!


Starbursts and red wine-- ALWAYS hitting the grocery store 5 minutes before close for both


At the risk of sounding like an alcoholic?

Booze. Any kind.


Without a doubt - Pepsi. Like weetiger3, I have given up all other snacks and sweets but I refuse to give up Pepsi.


First and foremost I want to say I really enjoy your space.

Secondly, 2 minutes to grab something...these days it would have to be a coffee, Reese's cup, Soda, or some type of sparkling beverage.

Erin @ Brownie Bites

Seriously impressed that you still went to the gym! I worked out religiously for the past 6 months, but now that I'm happy with my fitness level I can't make myself do it as much!

But if I had 2 minutes to shop? White Zinfandel.

Nancy Davis Kho

Take 5 Bars. Which I'd offset with some Diet Coke.

By the way, I love your Gibson Girl hair. I am hella jealous.


Nectar of the Gods baby! Diet Coke all the way!!


Oreos or those evil Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cup chunk cookies those damn Keebler elves are making! (that or a really good piece of cheesecake, I'd push my own daughter out of the way for that!) : ))


Iced via packets since starbucks doesn't deliver and coffee ice cream.


Wine and cheese. Foe sure.


Wild Berry Skittles. Yum.


It would have to be the coke zero. Unless we were out of milk. Because mornings don't happen in our house without milk.


Coke. Not Diet though, forgive me but I hate Diet and send it back when they accidently give it to me at restaurants. But regular coke, oh regular coke I would run frantically down aisles for you.

Valentina@baby quilts

Two minutes is plenty of time to grab two things - can't live without coffee and cheese is my indulgence :D


Wine. I'd be powerless against such a deal if wine were involved. Heck, I had a friend who worked at a liquor store in NJ, and they were having some big event . . . I nearly drove 4 hours, each way, just for the chance to get a $20 gift card and do a tasting, and catch up for a little bit.

When it turned out that he couldn't make the event, I decided not to, but, even then, it was a hard decision to make.


Coke. Regular coke. OMG, I love coke soda. When I ask for coke, don't bring Pepsi cause they are not the same thing and I hate when people say that they are. THEY ARE NOT. So for me it would have to be coke and coffee, I'm a caffeine addict.


tomato soup. weird, i know.. but its a huuuge midnight vice for me... :)


Only one thing? Cheese! It would be extra sharp cheddar *drool*


Pop-corn, sour sweets of any kind, grapes and alcohol. More than one thing, but I am a fast shopper!


tortilla chips & salsa or hummus. I could live the rest of my life on just that.

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