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July 05, 2011


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Alison@Mama Wants This

Glad to hear you had an awesome 4th.

Here's to oodles of good luck to you for your meeting!

Mrs. MidAtlantic

Using my jazz hands to shimmer some karma your way!


Loads of karma the good stuff)headed your way!


Fingers crossed


Sending tons of positive thoughts your way!! Good luck!!

MJ Scott

GOOD LUCK!!!! I am sending all my extra karma!!!


Hope your meeting goes well!! :)

michael crocombe

Sending good luck you way from down under


Hope things went well!!

Old Gal

I didn't get his post until today, but I am sure you did not need my good luck wishes, since your classy personality shines through in your blog. Know you did well...so early congrats!


Oh, good luck - I'm in the middle of a project that could make or break my time at this job (I, too, took a new job seven months ago), but the more I realize that it might "make" my time here, the more I realize that I'm not really sure I really hope to be here for too long.

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