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July 29, 2011


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And that is why I chose to have only 1 child. I have never regretted it. Thanks for the reminder.

Chunky Mama

This is my life.
Only, add a kid.
And a whole lotta diapers.

I have good news for you though. Summer's half gone already!


The sad thing is my husband's nearly just as bad.

Miss Ellie

I love how she shoves the toe in you face like what do you think i'm doing?! it's all that swimming.. the chlorine is affecting their hormones.


You guys could make a great (as in perhaps funny) soap opera/drama... if only you could use soap and didn't skip.. tsk tsk ;D


Bahahaha. I'm so gonna torture someone now with that, "Well, that's disappointing" line. Priceless.

Valentina@baby quilts

What??? You didn't bathe your kids...well, that's disappointing! (and I'm so reporting you to child and family services) :D

Walkingborder (Karen)

My 3yo has discovered monsters. In all fairness, to him, there is indeed a monster that has been known to attack him in the night. It's about 5 pounds, walks on all fours, is covered in greyish blue fur, and goes by the name "tiny cat". In all fairness, to the cat, he is her kitten and when he's tossing and turning during the light stages of sleep, she just wants to be sure he's ok. (She does this to both my boys and my husband. I'm on my own.) It isn't fully her fault he wakes so easily, doesn't realize it's just the cat, and freaks the fuck out.

So, of course, we started shutting the door. Which doesn't always work because sometimes it gets left open during a middle of the night bathroom run. But even when it is indeed left shut 99% of the time, he still is terrified because the crack! Under the door! OMG!

Some nights, when he is just stubborn, I reassure him, hug him, kiss him, and just leave him to sort it out on his own. Other nights, usually the ones that directly follow a fresh monster attack, he is full on hysterical at the idea of sleeping in his bed, and really it's just easier to let him sleep with us. And of course, agree once to kid in your bed, and it's a lifetime commitment.

And we've tried many things. The most recent being me giving him my very special bear that is now officially a monster fighting bear, etc. As an added bonus, said bear also has a spider-man costume, so really, he's much better at keeping you safe from monsters than mommy or daddy. Nope.

Next step is getting our hands on a copy of Monster's Inc.

As it stands, we have a 50% success rate at getting him to fall asleep in his bed. And about 60% of that 50%, he's back downstairs at 2-4AM because something, and it could be anything, startled him awake and he is terrified.

Which honestly, when he's willing to at least try to sleep in his bed, I don't begrudge him needing to crawl in with me at 2AM. I mean, he tried after all. And at 2AM a scared kid is a scared kid, and I'm a softy who just wants to sleep now, please. Besides, I nicknamed him my cuddle-bug at a week old for a reason. ;)


Only three more weeks until school starts. Or is it 4?

HerMelness Speaks

I'm going to ask again. Is sedation and a big stick always wrong?

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