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July 18, 2011


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lunch at 11:30

you have no idea how happy i am for you. bedbugs are terrible & expensive--we had them once (from a cruise) and i don't even want to talk about it. i'd even choose a rat over bed bugs (had one). or dead body smell (had that, too). (wait you don't want to come over and visit??) huge thumbs up from crappy rat & bed bug-infested baltimore to you!


GREAT news!!! I am glad it is only crabs...that sounds funny but it is better than bed bugs

Mrs. MidAtlantic

Um, how do you broach that topic with the renters...
"Hope you enjoyed your stay, where ever did you get such marvelous crabs!"?

Erin @ Brownie Bites

I was thinking the same thing as Mrs. MidAtlantic.. that had to be one major infestation, yech! Glad they weren't bed bugs!


That's crazy! Are you going to tell the renters what happened? I hope the only crabs that make it to your house are the ones from the ocean!


Sorry, but, even if they die within 48 hrs., the mattress and a little lighter fluid starts the evening bonfire.


Wow I lol'ed and my skin crawled at the same time! So are u telling the renters? If so, I can't wait to read abou thay! Haha!


Glad to hear you have crabs. (Boy, never thought I'd say/type that sentence!) When we went to BlogHer last year in NYC, we kept hearing about the bedbug infestation there. Since we were driving down and since bedbugs could infest suitcases, we packed everything into a big Rubbermaid container instead of a suitcase. Luckily, we didn't see any bugs nor anything hitch a ride home with us.

Valentina@baby quilts

It's one of those rare cases when crabs are a good news. Do you intent to talk to the renters - might be tricky and sticky. Let us know of the follow up.


I'm cracking up. Seriously, how many freaking crabs were there?? I can't even imagine. You HAVE to tell us if you tell the renters. How bad must they be itching if they left so many you brought one home with you!


Bwahahaha. Sorry, but who leaves CRABS behind when they go on vacation. Yikes. Glad to hear they are all dead and not actually on your body. I had friends of mine get "body lice" from the nasty bed in a hostel in Europe. Highly amusing as they were devote Christians and virgins... God has the funniest sense of humor, no? They (twin brothers) had to shave every part of their body. Omg Ew.


And that would be devout. Stupid autocorrect.


I am REALLY glad you don't have bed bugs. But VERY distrubed at the possibility of the older couple having crabs (which is where my ridiculous mind automatically went- to the most insane and ridiculous option).


Hmmm, the jokes go from bad to worse so I'm not even going to start... Good to know the week helped you to relax some. I read your last post after you were gone but was sending a mental hug your way! (and a mental visual to my hubs cuz he's gonna want to watch, lol) Sometimes just when it feels like your panic attack is going to get the best of you, God sends you crabs instead of bedbugs to show you it's going to be OK! Hang in there, have a few drinks, a Xanax, and it will feel better! ((HUG))


I can't believe you have crabs, glad that the your sister was able to identify them. Thankfully they aren't the awkward kind of crabs. =)


Umm, where did the crabs come from?


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Haha. I remember when we thought we had bed bugs. Turns out the flea medicine we used for our cats wasn't doing it's job and the little bastards were angrily biting me a million times (it looked like bed bug bites, I researched them, lol). Not a bite on my husband. A-hole. Glad you've got your issue fixed. Never a fun time.


Very funny story, glad you just have crabs. Sorry, one of the beds in your house has crabs.


Ok, this is wrong on sooo many levels. 1. Were these the STD kind of crabs? 2. If so, how in the heck did the exterminator know-I thought this fell under medical care. 3. I didn't know they would hang around without a live source. It puts the whole "you can't get it from a toilet seat" question back on the table. 4. What were they? Nursing home swingers? Wow-this boggles the mind. Truly, truly weird.

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