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July 27, 2011


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Well, dang. Now you make me want one.


We're Crocs lovers too. My wife started the craze and the boys and I each have at least one pair. A few weeks back, I needed to walk to the mailbox (down the block from our house) to mail out a Netflix DVD. JSL wanted to come with me. We walked down, saw a neighbor and her little girl and talked with them, mailed the DVD and walked back.

As we approached our house, I looked down. I had on socks and my Crocs! My feet were so comfortable that I hadn't thought to take off the Crocs and put on "real shoes." lol

Kat Caldwell

I love my crocs!! It's winter here and I wear them around the house with my socks too!! My hubby constantly borrows them ( they bright pink ), as for for foot spas, I have an unopened one in my room, after your description I'm pulling it out tomorrow!!

Jolie the Vibrator

I have my hubby give me foot massages. And yes, I gotta admit, my head WAS in the gutter when I first read this post!! -guilty- but carmen misses you!!


I worked at a Crocs store. There is no shame in wearing them everywhere. (Except the office I work in now. They are not permitted.)

They have a million different styles. You should look into some of the sandals and things. You will have less chance of being on People of Walmart!

Valentina@baby quilts

I have to buy a foot massager too; sounds a bit addictive though. Well, just imagining my neighbor's face overhearing the moaning and groaning 5 times a day is definitely worth the risk :D

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