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July 12, 2011


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Wow, that much wisdom from a little bitty made me have chills! I'm going to write that on my motivation board!


that is so cool!!!

Erin @ Brownie Bites

I'll be going on my very first "real" (RVing doesn't count in my book) camping trip this August. I haven't really decided if I'm excited yet or not. Your daughter's response to you is completely amazing, especially at her age. I would have welled up too!

Debbie S.

Mondo cool!

Valentina@baby quilts

They are listening Kit, they really are. A moment like that is so gratifying...now, I'm welling up!


That's pretty gosh-darn cool, and I used to vacation every year in Bar Harbor, Maine . . . many of my first memories are of Acadia National Park.

The next time I'm there, I'm actually hoping it's as I finish hiking the Appalachian Trail.


The starting is always the hardest part, but given her drive, I think there is much accomplishment this little squirt has in store for the world.


Have fun at Acadia. It's nice up there this time of year.

I took a round trip to Portland yesterday on the Downeaster and that was pretty nice.

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