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July 01, 2011


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Laurel G

hurray for fireworks in the bedroom! haha. My favorite thing about the 4th of July is that EVERYONE enjoys it. There are smiles on everyone's faces from little children up to octogenarians!


I love just being around family, cookouts and my home town has a huge hot air balloon festival that I look forward to every year!


My favorite thing about the 4th of July is spending time with my wife and family. I love the fireworks and my wife and I making our own fireworks!

Remember to thank a vet for their service.

My email is rkwine@gmail.com


I love extra time off work with my family! And swimming, and eating, and seeing friends, and fireworks. I love it all!


I met my love@ a 4 th of july Bbq..he was so into his plate of food I said to my self" look at how he can eat that" .we ended up sitting on a swing together and it was fireworks for us ...10 years ago


I'm not an American, and 4th of July is still my favourite holiday - mostly because it sneaks up during the summer then...BOOM! Fireworks!


I grew up in a military town, and we always went to the army base to celebrate the 4th. We were out on the parade field with the community, soldiers and their families. There was always music, games, really great food, gun salutes for all US states and territories, and of course, monumental fire works. The celebration was impressive, but more than that, it made me acutely aware of just how much freedom we have in part because of the service men and women I sat among--and all those who came before.


I've never owned or used a sex toy...I think that in itself should make me the winner. You can pop my sex-toy cherry.

4th of July means family, friends, swimming, sun, cooking, great food, and great drinks. All of my favorite things!!

Dixie Angel

My family always took our vacation around July 4th. We would road trip to the Frio River and camp out, head to a small town rodeo and fireworks show. It was a tradition I hope to continue with my kids! Next to Christmas July 4th has always been my favorite holiday. And this year we have a new little one to add to the celebration. Needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting the chance to set off some fireworks in the bedroom!


The 4th of July is my favorite holiday! I love everything about it. The weather, the cookouts, the beach, fireworks, the fact that you don't have to worry about presents, the history, all of it. This year, it's probably going to be pretty boring. I just moved, and live nowhere near any family or friends, so I'm probably just going to stay home =(. Winning something might just make me feel better!

Mrs. MidAtlantic

I adore fireworks. I crane my neck to the sky and "ooh and aah" like a small child. There is something so wonderfully fun about the bright colors exploding in the sky.


I love the fact that I get an extra family day and the kids are old enough this year to enjoy the fireworks (fingers crossed) instead of run screaming...


I love watching fireworks displays on the 4th. My favorite memory was an impromptu drive to St. Louis (I live in Topeka, KS) one year to watch the fireworks over the Gateway Arch. It was nearly 10 hours round-trip but so much fun!

Also...the hubs and I love new toys. ;)


I'm not a fan of eating off of paper plates or getting bug bites next to a swamp (which is apparently the ONLY safe place to set off fireworkds...). My favorite thing to do is stay inside, somewhere the fireworks are audible, with the air conditioning on, and have Independence Sex. Which is really just sex with fireworks in the background. Similiar to Thunderstorm Sex but more rare.


Three years ago, I was 39 weeks pregnant on the Fourth of July, desperately praying (even at the fireworks display) that he would be born on that day. I so wanted a fourth baby! He came on the 15th, but I always laugh about that memory.

Amber James

I love the 4th! BBQ & family get togethers outside. My favorite memory is making homemade icecream with my grandma every year growing up.


I love that people seem to "come together" to celebrate this great Holiday! I grew up in an extremely small town and we always traveled a half hour to the next small town to partake in their huge celebration. We watched the parade, sat in the park and listened to live music all afternoon, ate chili at the cook-off, and watched fireworks! It's just so great to see so many people gathered together to celebrate this great country!


I love the fireworks. Of course, being a parent to little kids means I don't get out for many fireworks being that it's late at night, the kids get tired and cranky and then they get scared of the loud noises.


Our family, especially the boys, love shooting off fireworks. I especially love spending time with our family while we enjoy great food.

Joni Blair

The lazy time off filled with fun, laughter and love! Oh and the twinkle in their little eyes as the watch the fireworks shoot high in the sky.

Cassie Lopez

Bedroom fireworks ohh la la! The 4th of July always reminds me of hot nights, cool fresh fruit and dips in the pool :)


Fireworks from our friends' balcony, bbq potato chips and hotdogs, and whatever red-white-blue dessert has been invented for the day...so much fun.


My grandfather, who passed away when I was 7, used to work for a dealership. Every year we would get to ride in the back of one of their pickups in the parade and throw out candy, now I just enjoy QT with my cutie.


My favorite thing about the 4th of July is spending time outside with my friends, drinking and eating and enjoying the wee bit of summer we get here in Chicago.


I love fireworks. I missed them last year, so I am so excited to take the 4 year old to see them. I want to go to Tahoe to see them over the lake, but it can get OHMYGODCRAZY full of people. So maybe I'll just head to the more local ones. Either way, I need fireworks or it doesn't count.


My favorite memories of the Fourth are from growing up in a tiny town in New Jersey. Every year my family and our next door neighbors would throw an all-day bbq party with tons of music, food, and all the kids running around playing in the sprinklers and eating popsicles. Our entire neighborhood would basically be in our back yard. And then when it was time for fireworks, EVERYONE would walk together to the local high school to watch. We looked like we were holding our own Fourth of July parade to the fireworks. I loved celebrating the Fourth with my whole neighborhood!! (Ok, fine.. I really just loved the popsicles..)


Memories of making out under the fireworks.


9 years ago on July 4th my husband proposed to me at the Towson 4th of July parade; I will never forget that day. I was taken completely by surprise and that's very very hard to do. I almost missed the parade due to a hangover from the night before. Glad I got my butt out of bed though! Oh, and the fireworks outside were nice that night too. ;)

Johnna Edwards

The fireworks of course! Is there anything better and more romantic?


I love that the 4th of July means family, no matter where I am. My urban family and I usually get together, but if I'm home with the parents and siblings, there's a guaranteed hangout. The most random, is when out of the country, and Americans cling to each other in pubs or restaurants to celebrate, even if they didn't know one another before.


Fresh baked pie and ice cream!


I loved the first 4th of July my husband and I spent together after moving in together. We laid out a blanket on the tiny patch of grass in front of our tiny apartment, and watched the fireworks. We had the worst apt, with the worst neighbors, in the worst neighborhood, but for those few moments, we had it made!


My favorite memory of the 4th was when I was 11 or 12. It was one of the FEW non-rainy 4ths we had in Western Washington, and my grandparents had just had a huge cedar cut down on their rural property. All of the wood had been cut and stored, but the branches were still in huge piles like nests. My brother, my cousins, and I climbed into one and watched the fireworks from there--slightly damp, slightly scratchy, but it smelled amazing and felt like our own little hideaway. :)


i love the bbq on the 4th. my dad always makes a big day out of it, the whole family goes to his house for food and fun.


I love the memory of growing up on the Cape every summer. EVERY year, my Grandfather (who I adored) would say... "Well, it's the 4th... now summer is over!!!." Then we would head to the community block party (which was always awesome). As a little girl, I thought he was crazy. As an adult, sadly, now I know just what he meant. Here's to savoring every minute of summer that we get!!!

Amber in Maine

I love spending the day with my girls. My husband always works overtime for the local fireworks (yay extra money!) and we spend the day with friends cooking out and then at the fireworks together. It's become a special "girls day out" for us

Olivia @ Crossing Bridges

Barbeque and fireworks! I always expected to outgrow my love of fireworks, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. And I'll take any excuse I can find to eat good barbeque!


Hmm, favorite memory...probably the summer I turned 19, when my mom was out of town, so I threw a party for the 4th, complete with underage drinking, cigars and boys sleeping over. So out of character :)


Most memorable 4th of July...watching fireworks & having the very first orgasm of my life! Fortunately, it was only a couple weeks after losing my virginity. All I could think of was "THIS IS AMAZING!!!!" And the firework show brought it to the next level of enjoyment! :)

Melissa E.

Barbeque on the fourth of july is the BEST. I love fireworks, too, but not the illegal ones my neighbors set off. They are going to blow up the neighborhood someday.

Beyond Normal Mom

FIREWORKS - I love pretty, big, booming fireworks, especially if cuddling on a blanket with the loved ones


I'm from Canada, but when I hear about the fourth I just imagine a huge looming uncle sam figure.


Food. I don't care what anyone says.. I LOVE THE FOOD! fourth of July is another one of those moments where everyone tries to out-cook the other & my diet goes out the window... but my stomach groans with pleasure! yup... the food... DEFINITELY!!

Paulette (MsPDrama)

The 4th of July memory that sticks out most is probably not a favorite but is funny. Well now it's funny. Then, not so much. I was about 6 or 7 and like every 4th we were setting off fireworks in our driveway. (Being able to do that is a big plus to living outside the city limits, as long as there's not a burn ban.) I missed my daddy saying to watch out he was setting off a chaser. That thing went right between my legs! Scared me nearly to death! To this very day chasers are not on my to get list. I do love that I can laugh about it now.

Mostly the 4th is about family, fun, food, fireworks, and being thankful for our freedom.

Fireworks in the bedroom, well now, that's a whole other beast but is thankfuly not limited to one special day a year. Lord knows though that our sex life could use a new gear these days.

My email is mspdrama@gmail.com


Fireworks! One year I saw them from my Aunt and Uncle's boat out in the ocean, and having them reflected in the water as they went off in the sky was like being in the middle of a dream!

Janet Krugel

I love the fireworks and the family get-togethers!!!

j krugel coupon (at) gmail (dot) com...thank you!!!


I love watching the fireworks. That's definitely my favorite part. We usually get a fairly decent public fireworks display that the city organizes, since fireworks are illegal where we live.

buzzvibe at gmail dot com

Alanna S.

I'm Canadian, but I have similar thoughts about Canada Day and the American celebration on July 4th.

Fireworks, ice cream, watermelon, bbqs, picnics, flags waving, cheering. Appreciation for the good things we have, even if sometimes it doesn't feel that way.


I live close to the water, so seeing the fireworks in the sky with the reflections on the water is amazing.

Also, the first time my son heard fireworks, he was deathly afraid, but we held him tight and he waited it out.

It's a fun holiday. I hope to get that gift card to have some fireworks in bed.


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