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June 09, 2011


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On the hottest day
Swimmers enjoying the pool
Moms sit on the side


I made myself eggs
Tweet said "chicken period"
Dogs, come get breakfast.

Sarah P

I love haiku! I once decided that all text messages must only be in haiku form, so I only sent haiku for days & insisted that my husband did too. Okay, maybe that's a little crazy.

had an idea
new social media site
must haiku only

(can haiku be a verb?)


High humidity
Temperature to ninety
Life in a sauna


In honor of the end of the school year, my new found summer freedom, and the 30-Day Shred:
School's out for summer.
Now's the time to get in shape.
Up yours Jillian.


Why is it so hot?
9 a.m., 80 degrees.
God, I miss winter.*

*And will until winter is actually here.

Mrs. MidAtlantic

Why run three miles
Then put on high-heeled sandals?
Fashion is a bitch.


Lost god damned hairclip
Temperatures in 90's
Will be shaving head


Cannot play outside
It is like breathing water
My kids are grumpy


Some Jacob's Creek wine
Enjoyed from a Dixie cup
Where has my class gone?


I've got another one:

Fucking dogs eat trash
Surprised by the wasabi
Happy they suffer


Nursing the dying,
Caring for him a privilege,
As he breathes his last.


Yes, whiplash does suck
I enjoy turning my head
but it's not to be


Tiny ball of chub,
Roll upon roll of skin folds,
Fat baby, you're cute!

jules meow

Boots, Tiara
Hubby is sleeping
Come on baby, blow

not today, hun

Stop waving it
In my face- it's ugly
Kit, can you believe?!


Days are getting long,
too exhausted to enjoy,
need a vacation.


Ode to the haiku:
Or haiku to the haiku?
Ode? Haiku? Poem.


The CAPS lock is on
And you yell through your email
I picture you dead


You smell like old ham
Get the fuck out of my cube
Where's my damn grenade


Need more coffee now
Not enough in the whole world
Children are insane


Mole destroys my lawn
I won't rest until it's dead
Where is my shotgun


He has been lovey
So of course I go on and
Make a mess of it.


Home after night shift,
Boss Cat searching for a scratch.
Toasty warm in bed.

Olivia @ Crossing Bridges

Coworker resigned
Now I perform her job too
Can I get a raise?

Husband teaches school
Vacations all summer long
Yes I am bitter

Saving for a house
Clipping coupons, garage sales
But I need those shoes!!


Oh, I haven't written haiku in years. This should be fun!

Hot as Hell outside
It's D.C., not Death Valley
I need sweet tea -- ICED

carol anne

My day as told in haiku form ...


ninety-nine degrees
not been this hot this early
since the twenties, damn


radiation is
almost over for me, I'm
in single digits

Thanks Mom

Mom said that scarf makes
your face look much thinner than
when you wear your wig

Just K

Get some Allegra
It's the best for allergies
Be better real soon.


Love this, I shall certainly try haiku :)


Want to go home please
I work every day always
Miss my family

Chunky Mama

A difficult week.
Two relatives terminal.
My heart is heavy.

Sian Robertson

Love your tweets and blog
Am mother vicariously
Had none of my own


Seventeen weeks gone
Twenty three to go until...
All hell will break loose.

Tenuki Tea

Old house will not sell
New house is heaven on earth
so two lawns I mow.

Firefly catching
Two giggling girls awake
Our first sleepover


An old booty call
Some mind blowing sex and booze
Much needed weekend

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