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June 06, 2011


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Just K

I just went in May, lovely weather, not too hot. I don't recommend going in August.


Man I love them. Sadly my husband is not a big fan so I've got to sneak my viewings. I think he's afraid I'll re-enact.


So, I guess it would be wrong of me to point out that the "Who's on First" skit is actually Abbott and Costello and not The Three Stooges.


Slowly I turned... [coming for adelheid]
Step by step...


Three chips off the old block...that's scary, in genetic terms...

:D loved it

Jenn @Home is Where You Start From

hilarious! The three stooges sort of annoy me, but I love Abbot and Costello...


Step by step
inch by inch...

Geez I love the Stooges! WTF aren't they on TV anymore? Nick at Nite's full of crap like FULL HOUSE?! WHAT?! Show GOOD TV Nick... not crap from the 80s-90s!

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