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June 21, 2011


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I think your husband taught that Funny to everyone I know.

And I would totally buy that app!


YES!! how delightfully true!!


My bf does that ALL the time.
I don't always click on at first, but it's really annoying, I feel your pain.


I can add many first-hand accounts of how frustrating the situation is but must admit, you made me laugh.
I want that app!!


Wow - that is an annoying habit.

Alison@Mama Wants This

My husband does the same thing. Muppets!

If the iPhone had a taser app, I'd buy an iPhone!


It sounds like the House of Kit is a perpetual Lil John/Dave Chapelle skit.

That sounds truly annoying. Instead of a birthday blow job, might I suggest you make an appointment for him at an audiologist?


Bright side: The hard of hearing won't hear you coming with a knife.

John: You caused my first iced-tea spit-take of the day. Lil John is partially responsible.


Oh Yes!

where can I buy lisinoprilonline

Whenever I say something like, "The kids aren't listening to me." or "It's hard to hear in here." my husband thinks it's funny to respond with, "What?" EVERY FUCKING TIME. It couldn't be more annoying. Oh, wait, yes it could because he's now taught this "Funny" thing to the children....


I would definitely ditch my 5 year old crappy phone if I could get one with a tazer. I can think of so many times it would have come in handy. Like every time my daughter says "what?" I taze my hubby.


my father is the king of things like that. if you say "it hurts!" he'll say "they rent cars" almost EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. for as long as i can remember. it is SO OLD. and that's just one.

I hope for your sake that your husband never gets any more like my father...


TASER APP!!! I was soooo totally talking about making one and then you could "taze" someone else who also has that app!!

I think teachers and bus drivers would also be great target clients for this app!!

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