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June 15, 2011


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A good set of laughs! And I agree, getting old sucks.


I hate getting old. The past few nights I've been staying up late coding a Twitter application I'm working on. I'm really excited about it and keep having more and more ideas that I have to code RIGHT NOW. Never mind that it is 12am and I need to wake up in 6 hours. I keep forgetting that I can't code all night and then function the next day like I could when I was 22.


Your 4 yr old sounds hysterical! Good that the baby can keep everyone on their toes.

Here is another one for you, just when you thought this book couldn't get any better - Samuel L. Jackson reads the "Go the F*** to Sleep" book. Not even kidding. Brilliant. http://bit.ly/jBihJ1


This totally reminded me that I have an elliptical machine.


#5 made me crack up because I had a similar experience once. Just after my husband and I had gotten engaged his parents invited me and my parents to go out to dinner with the whole family. The restaurant was in another town about 40 minutes away and I had only been there once a few years before to go to an "adult" shop. We were driving around looking for parking and as we turned onto the street the store was on I was seconds away from blurting out that I knew there was a parking garage around the corner when I was saved from myself by an open spot. I'm sure my in-laws wouldn't thought anything of it but I know my mother would have drilled me about when/why I had been there before.


I love it when you laugh. Because then I do, too. Go figure.


I hate the "I'm running and this person passed me as if I'm standing still," feeling. Though, being on the other side of it it pretty cool, until you get passed the next time and you realize that it doesn't feel so good.

My right hamstring has been itchy . . . I realize that muscles don't itch, but I swear, this is itchy. It's driving me crazy. Getting old sucks.


I had a lot of fun reading this entry. Thank you, it is great :)


I loved this list (it made me laugh out loud while attempting to listen in to a conference call—luckily I was on mute)! It was so well-written, I could easily picture each of the instances that fueled your laughter. Thank you for sharing.

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