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June 29, 2011


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Debbie S.

Ahhh...love it!

Tipsy Reader

Kids who don't know how to swim or have been to the ocean are starting to become something of an epidemic. Even in my own town ... city.. whatever where we live 30 min to the coast, and swimming pools are abundant 2 out of 3 kids don't know how to freaking swim... or well enough to be taken to beautiful coastlines like the one in your picture.

So sad.

Gurukarm (@karma_musings)

We DO like it, thank you! ;-)


ahem. I must defend Michigan because we have our fair share of kids who have had the pleasure of spending their summers at the beach, it just happens that the beach is fresh water and possibly incredibly rocky (east, Lake Huron) of sandy (west, Lake Michigan) and our Oceans are Great Lakes, rivers, or small lakes behind our houses. I might sure why I felt the need to clarify that, but summer (especially) in Mich really is a special time.


I love the picture and I, too, can't imagine not ever being to the beach on the coast. I spent many summers at the Jersey Shore (minus the House music thankyouverymuch.)

I can't imagine living anywhere that I can't get to the coast in an hour or two. There is just something about that salt air mixed with suntan lotion that carries you away.

Steve Fineagn

Summered on the Oregon Coast. Pacific that far north of SD is freezing, but I swam till I couldn't feel my fingers or toes. During the winter, we drive down to the coast from PDX for the storms. Met a girl who grew up in Seaside and married her. Don't call me Ishmael, but the sea's in my blood. Loved your post.


That is a beautiful picture. I grew up going to the lake every summer all summer so it blows my mind when I hear that someone has never been tubing or to the lake. I've only been to the beach once.


Love that picture.. very calming...

carol anne

Beautiful picture. I hope you win.

I can't imagine having never seen the ocean, it's where I go to calm and center myself.


I've only been in the two oceans that border the US, though I've been in several seas.

And while I've never been anywhere in Africa, I truly want to head there. One of my best friends from college was a Pakistani national who grew up in Kenya . . . the stories she'd tell . . . I think I'd love to take the country in.

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