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June 20, 2011


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...but wasn't it because of a drug that lead to all those orgasms?;) Happy Sexy Time....


I've always liked the Chris Rock (at least, I think it was Chris Rock) bit where he talks about needing a hooker if he has an erection that lasts more than four hours - forget going to see a doctor, unless the doctor is a hooker, too.


Dang lady, you put me to shame. Don't let my husband know that there is such a thing as "Round 2."

Jenn @Home is Where You Start From

yeah, it's only fun when everyone gets to play!

Mrs. Jen B

Round 4? I think we've only made it to round 3 once, maybe twice, in 5 years...!

Unknown Sister

Great post! A friend of mine recommended your blog, and said it was similar to mine, where I am remaining anonymous so I can say whatever I please....I am gonna read a few of your past blogs now, and would love for you to check out mine:

The Life Of An Unknown Sister


Damn I almost wish my husband was on percocet - lucky you! Except if you got chafed ...

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