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June 29, 2011


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A friend of mine sleeps in a hammock. She loves it!! But I think that it's a husband free/kid free zone!


I've seen those classes around here too. When I'm falling on my head repeatedly, I'd love to hear them tell me about the zero-gravity part.



I go to this yoga studio! It is called Om Factory in NYC. I can see if there are places in Boston that they may be affiliated with.


sounds like something my husband would do.


haha i do aerial yoga, which is with hammocks/fabrics/trapeze and more of a circus training type of course than a yoga practice like that. it's pretty much the greatest thing i've ever done for my body, and i reeeally want a trapeze in my house. once you nail some tricks you could do some crazy shit with that (but that's not why i want it, i swear).


Kit!! TSNY Beantown is at the Jordan's furniture store in Reading. They have trapeze classes and something called "silks". You need to try it!! Bonus factor: the "beantown" part refers to the fact that the entire place is decorated in Jelly Bellies (that IS the plural form, isn't it?) and your kids will love it. There's a laser/water show and a Jordan's furniture store and a Fuddrucker's. Mispronounce that and I bet you can get your husband to come along! ;) XO, Lindy


It's so easy to put a man to work, isn't it? :)

Katie Lepi

I do aerial yoga at a studio in Boston and I LOVE IT! It takes a little getting used to in terms of how the swing feels on your hip bones for the first class or so, but it is so worth it! I definitely say give it a try :)

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