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May 03, 2011


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It fell to the ground with a soft clinking sound, startling the beautiful young redhead who was standing on the sidewalk. She bent over and picked up the glittering piece of jewlery, her shapely backside catching the eye of many a passer-by.


As she watched the package bounce from windowsills as it fell, she felt a mix of relief and regret. She hated it, and thought she could choose just one.

As the box - just a speck now - hit the ground below, she thought...


Knowing she couldn't just leave this peculiar treasure on the ground, Cassidy slipped it on the ring finger of her left hand. A perfect fit, she thought just as the tears started to flow...


...tears flowing, ring on her finger, she continued her walk to the flower shop...


So beautiful a ring caught the eye of others in the flower shop as they casually asked her where she had purchased it. Suddenly a heavy wave of guilt swept over her, flooding her mind with endless questions: had she done the right thing by taking it, what if someone was looking for it, what should she tell everyone?


Overcome with guilt, she found herself unable to quiet the story pouring forth, and she never noticed the shop owner as he suddenly jerk around to stare at her new ring. The ring he had bought and delivered just this morning.


After he gathered himself, he approached her and said, "Miss, may I ask where you got that ring? I mean if you don't mind saying, I'd really like to know."


Before the ring even whistled passed the 23rd floor of the apartment building, she had a sinking feeling below the pit of her stomach; she knew she had made a mistake, and quickly ran out her front door and into the elevator. As the door to the elevator opened on the ground floor, she ran into the lobby and into the street, searching frantically for the one object that kept him close.

Jamie C

She saw the shop owner's face; it MUST be his! She began to tug gently at the ring. Damn! Tug. Pull. Twist. Arggh!! That feeling of claustrophobia ...you know that feeling...when you can't. Get. It. Off!! Whew!!! Oh No!

Jimmy was so nervous. His uncle, the shop owner, had finally let him deliver the flowers, but he wouldn't admit that he didn't know how to drive the standard transmission delivery truck. He wrestled the flowers through the crowded shop, and didn't even notice the soft thunk of the ring as it bounced off his shoulder and onto the soft dirt of the Fragrant Potted Gardenia he was hurrying out the door.


The shop owner and Cassidy frantically searched the crowded floor full of sneakers, heels and flower pots for the glistening ring. Her eyes welled with tears as she realized that the ring she so briefly held was likely gone forever.


Oblivious to the drama following in his wake, Jimmy forged onward, so determined to master the art of driving a standard transmission that he paid scant attention to the fate of the Fragrant Potted Gardenia in his care.
The pot tipped as he sat in the delivery van, and the ring, oh yes my precious, the ring, tumbled gently from its place amongst the fragrant earth and bumped against the floor boards, slipping between them and gently tumbling to the street as Jimmy fought a valiant battle with the transmission, and celebrated his victory with a rousing chorus of "we are the champions" as he drove toward his destination.


As Jimmy plunged into the bustling street, a tiny little 5 year old girl, on a walk with her mommy, noticed the shiny piece of jewelry laying on the ground. She picked it up without her mom noticing and put it in her pink Barbie purse and continued skipping along behind her mommy.


As she neared the end of her banana and glass of milk, Allison's watched as her mommy passed through the living room, on the way upstairs.

She had a book with her, and Allie knew what that meant. Mommy going to the bathroom, where she always said, "it's the only place I get to hear myself think."

Allie took advantage of the absence of her mommy to peek into the purse at the pretty ring there. She thought of the bare finger on mommy's left hand. Remembered the stories of the mugging. Remembered how much mommy and daddy had cried not about their fear or the loss of their wallets but the loss of the ring. The ring that had belonged to grandma...the ring daddy had given mommy when he asked her to marry him.

The stories of their engagement and marriage had always made Allie happy but now they made little tears well up when she thought of them.

That ring had been so special to mommy and daddy. Mommy felt bad that such a precious thing had been lost and daddy cried and mumbled at times that he felt like a bad husband that he couldn't even afford to buy a nice replacement for that ring.

Allie looked at the glittering treasure in the shadows of the pink plastic purse and thought what it might look like on mommy's finger.

Wondered if it might bring joy to her parents' eyes to see it there.

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