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May 20, 2011


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Diane Meehl

Hee hee. Reminds me of my mom telling me I saw a bunch of black kids at the Mall one day and asked if they were the Jackson 5. Kids are so humbling. Love your blog!

Mrs. MidAtlantic

I can't wait for the stories that come out of this birthday party.


That skit is all sorts of screwed up. Who wrote it? The kids? Someone on drugs? It's very strange.

Good luck at the birthday party!


Ha! That us the crackers children's skit ever! Your story reminds me of something Aiden said the other day as I was laying down. Aiden: momma your fat belly is getting big. I think it's time to go to the hospital and buy another baby. Me: geez kid. I actually lost a couple of pounds last week, but thanks anyway.

Just K

Ummm, that was a skit for 4 YEAR OLDS?!?!?!?

As if cats eat gruel.


Jeez were they on meth when they wrote that skit? For 4 year olds?? It's like goldilocks meets red hiding hood meets texas chainsaw massacre meets kindergarten teachers on frickin meth.



Good luck with the party... maybe the rain will hold off.

Coffee Lovin' Mom

that cat story sounds like it came from the same book as 3 billy goats gruff -wasn't that the one with the troll that lived under the bridge? At least you got a "show" - our school is so lame.
I hope you have enough refreshments for the party!


That is a very strange school play... but, if it helps, my husband once asked his mom, (While VERY young) why the colored child behind them in line at the grocery store was so "dirty". gotta luv the simple way a child's brain works...


Awesome! Good luck with that party.


Hope you aren't curled up under that table after the soccer party. maybe you stated #wineparty several days early?


Hilarious. By the way, I was that preggo lady and the kids mom didn't even look ashamed.


The phrases "lots of sex" and "25 six year olds" just don't ever belong next to each other. Ever.

Hope the weekend was a good one - your worries about inappropriate comments is one that I share. I at least hope that my kids use profanity properly - not throwing the random "shit" or "fuck" or "asshat" out there for shock value, but are always used properly in context, following the rules of grammar.


Yeah so i had a book when i was a kid with the cat story. not even kidding. i think it's a dutch kid's tale? except it was just one cat. i'll have to see if i can find it, and then i will mail it to you if you want!

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