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May 27, 2011


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This reminds me of when I was a kid. I didn't quite understand jokes, but wanted to tell one so I told my dad and uncle I had a joke. My dad made a big deal out of it and was sure the funniest thing ever was going to come out of my mouth. "What does one cottonwood tree say to the other?" is what I came up with (lots of cottonwoods around). I was partway through the joke when I realized I needed an answer and started to panic. Instead of something clever like your daughter having you guess, I came up with "Shug Shug" or something like that, then laughed like crazy to try to convince them that this was a really funny joke and they just didn't get it. Then I ran away.

Deacon Blue

How about this:

What did the lion say to the zebra?

I wasn't planning this as a formal dinner, but I appreciate you wearing pinstripes and tails all the same.


I had to know, so I Googled it. "What did the lion say to the zebra? Roar." (anti-joke.com)


This totally reminds of the time a friend and I took out pack of kids into DC for the kite festival. Riding the metro on the way home our 6 year old sons decided to start telling knock knock jokes none of which made any sense at all. They of course thought they were hysterical and I'm pretty sure every person on the packed metro wanted to kill us after half an hour of these jokes.


HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA! This story made me snort! I end up having the same kinds of conversations with my 10-year-old daughter.

Andi Sexton

Holy CRAP!!!! KIDS!!! my 12 year old son does this to me ALL the time! We will be having a conversation.. a real conversation.... and then he will look at me and say 'what'? Or some dorky thing like that ..right in the middle of something... or he will say 'I don't know'... and it just throws everything off! As if... his mind did a total wander, to another galaxy, and came back and was like 'what up lady???'...
Drives me crazy....


My 8 year old does this all the time... Newest one was it's the 6th day of the month why isn't today Friday? (He's referring to 7 days of the week)My answer was umm what?


I think she's a genius... She got your mind moving didn't she?? lol ;D


What I used to do to my kids is ask them the answers just as the fell asleep. This little riddle will rack my brain for hours now.....



hahahaaaahhhahah. that said, I had a conversation just like this with a client yesterday, he's probably 35.

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