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May 10, 2011


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Ah college memories. I remember, in my college days, that one particular club had a rule that you shouldn't eat off the table if it was clean. Doesn't seem to make sense at first until you realize that the only reason it would have been clean is that someone would have been "using" it. There was a couch in the club office too but the cushions were propped up with trays stolen from the cafeteria. (Too much "usage" there too.)

Somehow, I went all through college without "using" anything in the club office, but there were plenty of times I walked in to eat lunch there only to see a clean table...


My drunk roomie and I (also drunk) stole a huge bench from the stadium of the large university we went to. And one night a bunch of us got drunk and posed nude for our neighbor's photo class. I try not to worry about it. :)


Oh, I miss college. You just helped me reach my laughter quota for the day! So I think I will blur my eyes for the rest of the day.


Jeez Louise, guess you just proved that Oscar Wilde was wrong, wrong, wrong when he said "youth is wasted on the young". . . wonder if I can go back to your college as a mature age Oz student? nah. . . will try the blurring thing though, I can see how that would work. . might try it for my next date actually. . .
Josie x


LIBLMAO! That would be "Lying In Bed..." Thanks for helping me wake up with a giggle. I had forgotten abt the keg...


PS - Just to show how much I've grown up since then: I called in sick yesterday to spend the day in bed with my new vibrator, which is much too loud to use when my husband is home...


Oh, this post is pure heaven. I miss college so freaking much, though every now & then I'm given very real reminders as to why I don't drink now like I did back then.

And your advice on finding the utensil totally works. I do it more often than not (mainly because I wouldn't see what I was looking for if I was looking too closely, especially if the thing I was looking for was right in front of my face).


Thanks for confirming that my brain is not the only one that works in tangential circles somehow linking kitchen utensils and college sex and .... oh never mind, this is going wrong very quickly. Snickering loudly as usual!


My children have heard stories from my so-called friends about my college antics. I deny everything!


OK so here is a weird little fact: And it is just way too far out to be used and may or may not be recalled when really needed, but the stand back and squint your eyes so it blurs stuff TOTALLY works when you are looking at your Christmas tree to see if your lights are even too. Do it and you will see everywhere that the lights need to be adjusted. I learned it about 20 yrs ago and it works. And now i need a drink : ))


P.S. It also reminded me, I need to clean my kitchen counter this morning before making lunch! ; )

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